Hokkaido Soft Serve Ice Cream

Summer treat!

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Summer is definitely here and what better way to enjoy it by eating Hokkaido’s finest soft serve ice cream! Hokkaido is famous worldwide for its rich and creamy dairy products and it doesn’t hurt that Hokkaido has wide variety of sites to visit. Spend a day (or ten!) going around Hokkaido to enjoy the food and the beautiful landscapes the place has to offer. It is hard to choose just one so here are the top three soft cream brands you should definitely try!

#1: Le Tao’s Soft Cream

LeTao Soft Cream

Le Tao is famous for their Double Fromage Cheesecake which is so heavenly and light that it feels like one is eating sweetened clouds. They have magically extended this magnificence to their soft ice cream offerings by serving vanilla, cheese and chocolate ice cream flavors. They’re so good that there is always a bee line in ALL their five (yes, 5!)…

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Can You Tell Me How To Get To Elmo Cafe

Past the event but posting here for uhmm… posterity

Sari-Sari Stories

Takeshita Street is the new Sesame Street– coz that’s where you will find the pop up  Elmo Cafe.Similar to the My Little Pony themed cafe in Harajuko, Elmo Cafe is a limited time restaurant that serves thematic food and drinks, with stuffed toys to play with while eating, decals and decors all over the cafe and photo booth for you to go crazy over. They sell merchandise, too!

They have a small sheet that lists cafe rules.  Don’t get offended with the sheet; it’s to get things moving along if there are way too many people. The most important one is that you can only stay for 1-1/2 hours, which, I think is long enough to eat, snap some souvenir photos and hug the hey out of the communal dolls. The other item that I can remember is a request to only take photos after you’ve ordered.

As an suggestion, can they please…

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Bien-Etre Patisserie

Sari-Sari Stories

There’s always room for dessert, no? Right after having lunch at home, we decided we needed to go out. We decided to try out this neighborhood cafe (far from us!) that is getting a lot of good reviews.

Bien-Etre is a small sweets shopthat sits about 10 people. When we arrived, there were already 3 couples seated and so we chose the bar seats where the drinks are being prepared. I think it was the first time Little A smelled coffee! It was wonderful but we aren’t coffee drinkers so we asked for really cold water instead.

There were about a dozen or so cakes and entremets to choose from. I chose 2 desserts and Little A chose hers. DrG doesn’t get to pick! Hahaha, oh well!

Little A’s choice is Harmonie. She likes that it’s purplish!

The innards. Theraspberry mousse sandwiched between biscuit and chiffon cake layers thencovered with…

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OFW: Overseas Filipino’s Wife

Three years ago, I got married and subsequently packed up my life in Manila and got on a plane to live in the land of the rising sun with my husband of one day. I was nervous. I was scared. But, my heart was full of excitement and my feet, ready for adventure. I was officially a trailing spouse.


The term “trailing spouse” is attributed to Mary Bralove who wrote an article for Wall Street Journal in 1981 about businesses adapting to the needs of expat personnel and finding professional positions for the trailing spouse. The phenomena of trailing spouses are often seen in diplomatic, military, government positions and in the private sector, too.


Don’t get me wrong, though. I use the term without any derogatory intent. The term has been under fire of late because it connotes mindlessness and submissiveness. It ignores the ridiculous amount of discussion that accompanied the decision to migrate to another country. People prefer using “Accompanying Spouse”, “Spouses Traveling and Relocating Successfully (aka STARS) or my favorite term “Overseas Filipino’s Wife”. Whatever the preferred name is, moving to a foreign place can be hard. I knew that I was leaving everything behind –my family and friends, my career and everything that meant something to me.


Sacrificing Professional Goals

Oftentimes, the trailing spouses give up their professional career (and financial independence!) to keep the family together. It was very clear right from the start that becoming an OFW family was not an option for us. We decided that giving up my work is the best choice.


Loss of Identity

It might be a little hard to accept the new role. The trailing spouse is labeled as just that—a spouse who is trailing along. While in a Nihongo language class, I was taken aback when the teacher referred to me as the 主婦 or “wife”. I am more than just a “wife”, aren’t I? However, the government only recognizes me as a dependent and spouse of a resident.



Language, culture, mobility barriers are just some of the issues a trailing spouse have to address. Expat packages usually arrange for classes, house help and drivers, and introduce the spouse/family to community. Local hires have to handle all these by themselves.


But, how do I prepare myself for the many challenges ahead? The inner geek inside me did what a geek would do—read up on other trailing spouses’ experiences. Here are some of the gems I found useful:

Bring one or a handful of mementos and nothing more. It can be photos, memorabilia from your trips, a favorite book, your kid’s favorite toy and blankie or something that reminds you of home. When you have moved houses and countries often enough, you will find it easier if you only bring the essentials. Things can be bought once you’ve settled in. Also, it allows you to reinvent yourself!


Settle in at your own pace. There is no need to rush into getting settled immediately. Take your time to research the best places for certain things—schools, restaurants, sports clubs, or parks.


Join community activities. It provides you opportunities to meet the people in the neighborhood, find out information you cannot get in any handbook and at the very least, enable you to enjoy activities with like-minded people. I met good friends by joining community language lessons.


Explore your new surroundings. You are in a whole new place— the food, the music, the culture are all new. Enjoy it with your family and new friends.


Stay connected. With technology’s help, everyone is just a swipe away from you. Call, send a text, or leave a video message! Live streaming, when appropriate, would let you join in the fun. Hopefully, it would make you feel less home sick. Missing your previous home isn’t all that bad, anyway.


Bloom where you are and enjoy your time away!



Hanami aka Cherry Blossoms Viewing

It’s almost springtime! Sakura forecasts state that full bloom will be on March 26.

Re-read a previous post about cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. Share your own tips on the comment section!


It’s my third year in Tokyo and I still get super excited when spring comes. Not only because it means winter is (almost) over, but also because it means cherry blossoms viewing is near!

Whether you’re visiting or living in Japan, a certain level of preparation is important to experience the best hanami outing.

Tips on Cherry Blossoms Viewing in Tokyo
(1) Know the flower and when they bloom.
It is quite easy to mistake plum blossoms with cherry blossoms. They don’t bloom at the same time. Find out the perfect viewing time through this forecast site.

(2)Choose the appropriate park.
There are many parks to choose from and they’re all wonderful and spectacular.


However, I prefer Shinjuku Gyoen because they don’t allow liquor and smoking. I’ve been to some parks that allow these and the crowd does get a bit rowdy. I also don’t want to inhale second…

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Shake Shack Tokyo

Sari-Sari Stories

When in Japan, people think of sushi, tempura and ramen. Once in a while though, I crave for American burgers!

Shake Shack lovers rejoice!

Shake Shack opened late 2015 but we’ve learned our lesson from Dominique Ansel’s. Don’t. Just don’t. Not on the opening day. Week. Month.

But, still. Look!


Look at that line. As far as the eye can see. The secret is to time your arrival, a few minutes before opening but not too early. We got there 10 minutes before opening and still had to wait for close to 45minutes. However, don’t worry too much cause you’re in Japan. People are considerate and don’t dilly dally.


Since it’s winter time, they had several heaters for their outdoor sitting areas and blankets to keep you warm.


Double-patty Shack burger

It tasted just like I remembered. Juicy, oily and butter-y. The beef patty is thin so I do prefer…

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Eggs ‘n Things

Sari-Sari Stories

After a long day running after Little A, we went to Eggs ‘n Things for dinner. It was just 5pm but it was dark and more importantly, we were hungry!

You don’t have to go to Enoshima for Eggs ‘n Things coz they have many branches in Japan (and Hawaii!). This branch though didn’t require a 45 minute wait for pancakes and breakfast fare. Thumbs up!


They have outdoor seating but it’s winter and they’re on the seaside so…….inside we stayed!


The serving was huge! Actually the server told us we ordered too much ? but we thought she was just underestimating our hunger.


This is a side dish acai bowl. It’s cereal topped with frozen acai berries and then further topped with bananas, pineapple, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and mangoes! It was surprisingly good but how can you go wrong with fresh fruits.


These pancakes were so fluffy and…

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