Hello World!

Shu Cream Adventures.

It took me a long time to come up with this name.  I have left the title blank and it was only after a short visit to Tokyo and our everyday hunt for the yummiest shu cream that I found how apt this name is.

Shu creams are what we call cream puffs in our part of the world.  Choux pastry baked or fried and then pumped with fillings your heart desires and then dusted with powdery white confectioner’s sugar.  In Manila, it would sometimes be drizzled with caramel sugar that gives it a slight crunch when you bite into one. Sometimes it will be coated with a thick chocolate ganache.

We walked miles and miles, ride various trains, and trekked around Tokyo eyeing some of the prettiest (and some blah looking) Japanese cream puffs.  Some are big, some are small. Some had light whipped cream, others had thick cream filling, some with strawberries and fluffy chocolate cream.  Yummm, dreamy bites.

It didn’t matter who bit first, lick more cream off or who took the last sweet bite.  What was important (and the best part) was that we shared it.  Just like our new life together.  Join us as we explore the city and share our adventures.  We are after all, together at last.