The Rebellious Engagement

Before we delve into Shu Cream adventures, let us talk about why we/I are/am going there.  You see, last September, DrG proposed and I accepted!  Big News here!

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, both DrG and I were surprised that our parents suggested to do away with all the traditional ceremonies and do whatever it is we prefer to do.

That means we don’t have to prepare the following (info came from an article written by Jonathan Dionisio, A Guide to the Filipino-Chinese Wedding Rituals, 13 July 2009-link no longer working):

Once the dates have been identified, both families prepare their traditional gifts for each other. For the Formal Engagement, the bride and her family have to prepare the following gifts; each one should have Sang Hee or double happiness sticker on top. Sang Hee stands for Marital Happiness.

A. Jewelry
– Men’s watch
– Men’s necklace with medallion pendant
– Men’s bracelet/ring (optional)
B. Cake (should be round or heart shape)
– Bigger size of cake with groom’s name (in Chinese characters)
– Smaller size of cake with bride’s name (in Chinese characters)
C. Others:
– 4 pieces Pomelo
– 2 kilos of uncooked rice
– 120 pieces of raw egg
– 3 kinds of Chinese hopia (special bean-filled pastry) set
– Assorted candies and/or cookies
– Red table cloth (bridal satin) to be used to cover display table
– Suit/barong material for the groom

Below are the gifts the groom and his family have to prepare, with Sang Hee sticker on top:

A. Jewelry
– Wedding rings
– Lady’s watch
– Lady’s necklace with medallion pendant
– A pair of Chinese bangles with red thread
– Sets of jewelries placed in a red box
B. Ang Paos
– 2 pairs of Ang Paos, one pair of small amount and one pair of big amount
C. Fabric (Quantity of clothes/fabric should be in even numbers)
D. Flowers
– One box of corsage
– One box of boutonnière
– Six (6) or eight (8) varieties of flowers (all colors are allowed except white)
E. Fruits
– Boxes of fruits (in even numbers)
– 4 pieces of Pomelo
F. Canned Goods
– Canned porklegs (in even numbers)
– Canned fruit cocktails (in even numbers)
G. Chinese Hopia
– Each set has four (4) kinds of Chinese delicacies. (minimum of 12 sets)
H. Candies and cookies (preferably chocolate coins)

Did You Know?
In Chinese weddings, pomelos are given because of the Chinese Proverb, “Yiu Lai, Yiu Khi”, which means smooth relationship.
I. Chinese misua (placed in red boxes)
J. Gifts
– for the bride’s parents and senior members of the family (usually a suit/barong fabric for men and lace fabric for women)
– Sin Na (a 4-layered basket made out of bamboo)

Taking to heart what they suggested, we decided to have a sit down French dinner together with our families at Chef Jessie, Rockwell.

This would be our “engagement”.

We didn’t have jewelry displays, no eggs, no pomelos, canned goods, misua, candies and fabrics.  What we prepared are flowers, cake and rings.

I wore my mom’s old gown.  I had a dress made specifically for the day but a few weeks before D-day, I found this wonderful dress hanging in the “bodega”.  Out of curiosity, I fitted the dress and fell in love with it! I waited for my mom to come home and ask her permission to wear it.  The dress is beautifully beaded and guess what, its about 30 years old! 🙂 More on this dress soon!

We enjoyed the lunch together, took a lot of photos and basically had a wonderful time together.

There were some hiccups but in the end, we did what we did and had an enjoyable and carefree “engagement”.

What do you think about our rebellious engagement?