Blast from the Past

With all the packing I’ve been doing, I can’t help but flip through some of the things I’ve kept throughout the years.  There are a million cookbooks, recipe books, magazine and cake decorating ideas/clippings to pack (can’t bring them all with me!)

Newspaper clippings

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Wedding Preparations 1

Since D-day is just several months away, I have been running some wedding errands.

My friend who introduced me to my wedding dress designer said the first fitting would just be a lining.  My expectations were really low and wasn’t excited at all.  Fitting time came and omg! I was sooo happy, I was swishing the skirt like a princess!

I’m know I’m not supposed to post any photos but here’s a preview…

A part of *the dress*

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From Narita to the City

Once you arrive in Narita Airport, there are many ways to get into Tokyo.  I’ve taken the train before but this post will be about taking the bus (which I find is actually more convenient since I was lugging 2 pieces of luggages!)

Airport Limousine Friendly Counter Persons

So, first thing you do after immigration and baggage claim, is go out of the gate and then you’ll see the counter up front (well,a little to the right).  Choose where you need to go and then just ride the buses! The ride will take 1hr and 20mins to get to Shinjuku.  The bus is clean and people are generally not rowdy so sleep if you must to save energy for your vacation!

The Bus!

This is actually just outside the gate so it’s so much more convenient than walking down to the train stations!  When I got to Shinjuku (which cost Yen3000), we took the taxi to the house.

Taxis are expensive! Took 2230 yen.  But, if you must, you must. You can take the train from the drop off point but it was late and I was hungry 😀 so we rode the taxi home 🙂  They will drop you near a station (different locations for the two times I rode it), but never fear, always near taxi stations and the trainstations.

Next time, we’ll try different ways to get to the city and tell you all about it!

Visa Application

Before you book that flight, you should know that Filipinos require visas to enter Japan.

Sakura aka Cherry Blossoms

The Japanese Embassy in Manila has stopped accepting direct applications except for special cases. Everyone else have to pass through accredited travel agencies.  The list can be found here.

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Flights of Fancy


Philippine Airlines celebrated their 70th year anniversary with a plane fare sale.  So instead of having DrG fly to Manila, we realized that it will be fun if I fly to Tokyo.

Chicken Something

A handful of people I know don’t fly Philippine Airlines at all but I don’t find PAL any worse than other airlines –not  any better but not any worse than the other international airlines.  Anyway, I’m actually happy with their service.

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