Flights of Fancy


Philippine Airlines celebrated their 70th year anniversary with a plane fare sale.  So instead of having DrG fly to Manila, we realized that it will be fun if I fly to Tokyo.

Chicken Something

A handful of people I know don’t fly Philippine Airlines at all but I don’t find PAL any worse than other airlines –not  any better but not any worse than the other international airlines.  Anyway, I’m actually happy with their service.

NAIA 2 as clean as it could get.  The airport food is crappy though; the in-flight food is not spectacular but edible.  The flight attendants are nice and friendly.  The pilots lift off and land almost always smoothly and that’s good enough for me.

The tickets costs about 22,500 pesos round trip economy ticket (sale price inclusive of travel tax!)

Of course there are added costs to this, for example, visas P1500, commute to airport P300, bus to and fro Narita 6000 yen, train rides for 7 days 6000 yen, day tour1 14000 yen, day tour2 5,000 yen, food 3,000 yen on average, miscellany 32,000 yen plus 5 pounds additional (personal) weight.  All in all cheaper than him flying to Manila.

Tickets can be bought online.