Wedding Preparations 1

Since D-day is just several months away, I have been running some wedding errands.

My friend who introduced me to my wedding dress designer said the first fitting would just be a lining.  My expectations were really low and wasn’t excited at all.  Fitting time came and omg! I was sooo happy, I was swishing the skirt like a princess!

I’m know I’m not supposed to post any photos but here’s a preview…

A part of *the dress*

Shirley, the designer, is super nice and organized! Her work is also very clean and the gown fits perfectly.  She said I must’ve lost some inches because the waist part is a little loose (ehem!)

Next is our reception venue! It was being built when we booked it.  Risky right?  I didn’t know what the insides will look like and didn’t book any stylist for the reception. Bridal badassness.

I finally saw the place! It’s fantastic –simple and elegant.  Just like what I wanted.

The Venue 😀

There are a million other things to do but at least things are moving along! 🙂