Packing and De-cluttering

With just a few months left until D-day, I have been spring cleaning , de-cluttering and packing all my stuff.  As a certified pack rat, I’ve got a million and one things to clean up– it hasn’t been easy.

Some stuff that’s been helpful:

(1) Plastic crates from Sanko Plastics.  These are hard case plastic boxes that comes with lids to minimize dust accumulation.  The best thing is that they’re stackable so I can just keep on piling the crates on top of each other.

(2) Vacuum packs from Japan stores. These work almost by magic (course not!) but you put in your clothes, sit on it as you close up the bag…okay, there’s probably a more sophisticated way to do it but it’s fun to sit and seal.

(3) Document boxes from Sentinel Plastics.  These are lightweight box made out of corrugated plastic sheets.

(4) Dress storage hanger from Japan stores.  For clothes and dresses I won’t be bringing with me but I plan to keep, I placed them in the dress storage hanger.

(5) Labels and stickers.  With multiple crates and dress hangers, it’ll probably be difficult to find what I need in the future so the labels should come in handy one day.

I’ve got more things to pack! Any tips you’d like to share?