Why I like Japan/Japanese

There are many Japanese characteristics that I find interesting:

(1) People stay on the left of the escalator if they want to stand and the right side is open for those who wants to walk.  Same for conveyor walkways.

(2) People line up to ride the train. Straight lines! They wait for people to get off before they get in.

(3) People are quiet! Walking furiously fast in stations and in streets. Even cars are quiet!

(4) Streets are clean even if there are not a lot of garbage bins. Train stations don’t have them! Seriously! People just take their trash home?  Can we do this in Manila? The streets are not a large waste bin, guys!

(5) People pour water on their dogs pee.  Yeah, no stink!  We even have to put up “do not pee” signs, yeah? Di ka aso!

(6) They require personal space but are ok as train sardines.

(7) They follow rules.

(8) They are all around nice (except when they’re not). I’ve met only one angry/rude Japanese.  If you ask them for directions, they actually bring out their maps and ask others where you want to go.  One even went out of his way to tell us not to stay in the middle of the road.  Better if you speak Nihongo though.

(9) Grocery shopping is fun and tummyfilling.  They give you samples to taste! and everything is oh-so-yummy.  One time, we went to the grocery so hungry and left the place like we ate a full meal!

(10) Anything you pick off the grocery shelves (crackers, chips, chocolates) are delish! I’ve never bought anything *not* finger licking good!

What do you like about Japan? 🙂