Interesting Friday: Bowing Mannequins

Note: I am starting a new section called Interesting Friday to share interesting things I’ve seen in and around Tokyo.

On our way home from Shinjuku, we chanced upon this underground mall and absolutely thrilled to see something so unique– bowing mannequins!


I haven’t been around that much so I wasn’t sure if it is a culture specific or brand specific style.  A quick googling shows that the brand is known for stretch pants and hey, what better way to showcase it by using bowing mannequins!

Official site here.



Collaboration Japanese Style (ビックロ)

I was in need of an plug adapter and where else do Japanese go (as far as I know) for electronics?  Bic Camera, of course!  I was given instructions to hop on a train to Shinjuku, take a specific route (stairs instead of escalators) but of course I completely forgot and took the escalators.

I couldn’t find the place in the undergound station maze so I decided to go up and see Japan from the street level– I must say it’s a whole new world out there!

I saw Isetan from the outside for the first time! Teehee!

Feeling the 5th avenue vibe!

I was feeling a bit lost now, but got distracted by these:

Anyway, after some spluttering Nihonggo, I was pointed to this magnificent white building.  Remember I was asking for Bic Camera, but I got soooo much more– introducing Bicqlo ビックロ.

It’s a Bic Camera x Uniqlo concept store which opened on September 27 this year!  The first floor has a mix of clothes and some electronics and the other floors are mix and match of Bic Camera stuff and Uniqlo stuff.

A place you can buy a shirt and a machine to wash it with!  Why not? 🙂

OPEN 10:00 – 22:00

Interesting Friday: Socks

Note: I am starting a new section called Interesting Friday to share interesting things I’ve seen in and around Tokyo.

This time I was at the neighborhood home store looking at  various home items and chanced upon this little corner of things.

I introduce to you the chair socks!


They come in various colors! Kawaii! 可愛いですね!

Not only that, they also make them for door handles! 

Doesn’t come cheap though but nevertheless, something totally Japanese!


Meeting up with some of DrG’s friends, we decided to eat at Doutor.  I was told that it’s the Starbucks of Japan (even if they have Starbucks here!)– one in almost every corner!

We just ate some Beard Papa pumpkin cream puff– Unfortunately, I like the plain one better…

Going back, since we just ate (see above), we ordered one sandwich to share.  


I don’t know how they do it, but the colors are awesome! I haven’t had egg salad like that ever.  It’s creamy and fluffy!

The interiors of the cafe doesn’t disappoint as well.  Who doesn’t want to eat looking at this:


Pretty sight, yeah?



Pretty much a fast food place, Yoshinoya serves up quite a long list of rice toppings at quite afforable prices.  For 500yen, you can have your fill of don.

Stopping by one, we decided to have an early dinner (before 6pm!) and ordered one rice topping each.

I ordered the pork and DrG ordered the beef.

The pork lies above a bed of sweet stir fried onions and on top of it, a layer of spring onion and sesame seeds.  The pork is a bit on the fatty side but still yummy.

I ate half of my bowl and switched bowls with DrG! Hehehe!

So I got to taste the beef dish, too!  It came with a hot sauce on the side which enhanced the flavor of the dish.


Total cost of the two bowls were under 900yen.  Not bad for fast food!


Quick Ramen Goodness at ちりめん亭

On our first night out in Tokyo, we decided we didn’t a fancy restaurant to celebrate the first week. We went in a ramen place we saw since we were both very famished.

As far as I know, it’s a chain ramen place (correct me if I’m wrong!) that serves pretty awesome ramen.


I ordered the hot black sesame ramen with pork bits.


The noodles were chewy and yummy with just the right amount of creaminess of the soup.  They also provide you a small bowl of sesame seeds — you crush and release the oils of the seeds which makes them aromatic then place the sesame seeds on your ramen!

DrG’s is Hot and Sour Pork Ramen. I didn’t get to taste this but it smelled yummy.


You can order additional toppings such as eggs (for a fee).

We also ordered a small plate of gyoza to share. They were crispy on the outside and steamy great on the insides.  These were cooked on order.

Overall a satisfying meal in a slightly cold night out.


Interesting Friday: Takano Fruits

Note: I am starting a new section called Interesting Friday to share interesting things I’ve seen in and around Tokyo.

Walking around Shinjuku, I found an interesting Gucci “building” which has several floors of all things Gucci– except 3 floors! Let me just say it now, I have no excitement for shopping but what’s interesting here is that on the 3 non Gucci floors, there are gift shops.  They’re not the ordinary gift shops though because they sell fruits!

Each fruit looks perfect and the idea here is that you buy a box of fruits packaged nicely and neatly (Japanese way) and send it as a gift! Others even come with flowers.

Those melons you see in the photo is 5000+ yen per! Amazing, yeah?  They must be the most perfect melons I have ever seen!

Edit: zooming in, you’ll see it’s actually 15000+ yen

Downstairs, you will find a fruit parlor– I suppose it’s much like an ice cream parlor (which I grew up knowing) but instead they serve fruit based parfaits! Neat!

Up on the 7th floor though, you will see a full service Fruit Bar! You wonder if people would go somewhere to have fruit, and here’s your answer– Yes! Yes they do! They even line up as you can see on this photo.  You have to wait to be seated.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the fruit bar!  One day, I just might!

Takano Fruit Bar
3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture 160-0022, Japan
+81 3-5368-5147