Interesting Friday: Takano Fruits

Note: I am starting a new section called Interesting Friday to share interesting things I’ve seen in and around Tokyo.

Walking around Shinjuku, I found an interesting Gucci “building” which has several floors of all things Gucci– except 3 floors! Let me just say it now, I have no excitement for shopping but what’s interesting here is that on the 3 non Gucci floors, there are gift shops.  They’re not the ordinary gift shops though because they sell fruits!

Each fruit looks perfect and the idea here is that you buy a box of fruits packaged nicely and neatly (Japanese way) and send it as a gift! Others even come with flowers.

Those melons you see in the photo is 5000+ yen per! Amazing, yeah?  They must be the most perfect melons I have ever seen!

Edit: zooming in, you’ll see it’s actually 15000+ yen

Downstairs, you will find a fruit parlor– I suppose it’s much like an ice cream parlor (which I grew up knowing) but instead they serve fruit based parfaits! Neat!

Up on the 7th floor though, you will see a full service Fruit Bar! You wonder if people would go somewhere to have fruit, and here’s your answer– Yes! Yes they do! They even line up as you can see on this photo.  You have to wait to be seated.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the fruit bar!  One day, I just might!

Takano Fruit Bar
3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture 160-0022, Japan
+81 3-5368-5147