Quick Ramen Goodness at ちりめん亭

On our first night out in Tokyo, we decided we didn’t a fancy restaurant to celebrate the first week. We went in a ramen place we saw since we were both very famished.

As far as I know, it’s a chain ramen place (correct me if I’m wrong!) that serves pretty awesome ramen.


I ordered the hot black sesame ramen with pork bits.


The noodles were chewy and yummy with just the right amount of creaminess of the soup.  They also provide you a small bowl of sesame seeds — you crush and release the oils of the seeds which makes them aromatic then place the sesame seeds on your ramen!

DrG’s is Hot and Sour Pork Ramen. I didn’t get to taste this but it smelled yummy.


You can order additional toppings such as eggs (for a fee).

We also ordered a small plate of gyoza to share. They were crispy on the outside and steamy great on the insides.  These were cooked on order.

Overall a satisfying meal in a slightly cold night out.