Pretty much a fast food place, Yoshinoya serves up quite a long list of rice toppings at quite afforable prices.  For 500yen, you can have your fill of don.

Stopping by one, we decided to have an early dinner (before 6pm!) and ordered one rice topping each.

I ordered the pork and DrG ordered the beef.

The pork lies above a bed of sweet stir fried onions and on top of it, a layer of spring onion and sesame seeds.  The pork is a bit on the fatty side but still yummy.

I ate half of my bowl and switched bowls with DrG! Hehehe!

So I got to taste the beef dish, too!  It came with a hot sauce on the side which enhanced the flavor of the dish.


Total cost of the two bowls were under 900yen.  Not bad for fast food!