Frozen Fruits


In an attempt to eat heathier, I have stopped stocking ice cream in the house. Cravings though are still there so the plan is to always have frozen fruits ready to address them. I lay out the cut fruits in a flat tray and freeze them up. Once frozen, I transfer them to little containers so I can munch on them whenever ūüôā


Interactive Agricultural Experience

Land is expensive in Japan. That’s why (city) houses and apartments are small and you have shops with super space saving furniture and knick-knacks for daily use. ¬†Food and transport are also expensive in the land of the Rising Sun. ¬†It becomes doubly important for food source to be close to the market.


So, one fine Saturday, we decided to join our city’s sponsored field trip to a city farm where they use whatever space they can find and build greenhouses to plant vegetables.

Unbelievably, there are 48 hectares of agricultural land in the ku where various vegetables, flowers and other plants are produced. These are sold to residents, schools and markets in the city.

When we arrived, we were separated into two groups so that it’ll be easier to teach everyone how to transfer flowers and harvest vegetables.

First up, we were taught to re-pot flowers! Just transfer the small plant into a larger pot, put in more soil, then trim the greens.


We got to take home our flowers! They also taught us how to water the plant and put in vitamins if necessary. ¬†Hopefully, it’ll bloom in Spring!

Then, we went to another greenhouse to harvest all the spinach we want!  How cool is that! We like spinach!

After this, we were shown to the radish patch! They told us to go ahead and pick one radish each! A child picked¬†one almost as big as her. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take her photo!


The trick here is to find a radish where the body is still close to the ground. The radish will definitely be smaller but you are guaranteed that it won’t have insect holes on them. ¬†You can see on the lower right radish on the photo that it is a huuuge one but you can also see the big holes on them. ¬†So choose what you prefer. ¬†We got two small ones!

By the way, any ideas what to do with the green parts of the radish? I heard they’re edible, too!

We were also shown the tomato greenhouse in another greenhouse but we weren’t allowed inside. ¬†But, they gave us some to try ourselves! They were sweet and firm, so so yummy. ¬†Later on, they took out a few packs to sell to us.


Tomato Greenhouse. Cannot Enter.


It was a fun experience! Thank you Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange for organizing the field trip.

To organize your own visit, contact:

Urban Agriculture Subsection
Suginami City Industrial Promotion Center

Food Post: Rush Spaghetti


Not photogenic!

I don’t really know how to cook. But, pasta is considered a favorite in this household and well, it is darn expensive to keep ordering pasta dishes in restaurants. So, learn, I must.

We came from grocery shopping and realized we could squeeze in a haircut that afternoon. This meant though that we had one hour to take care of the grocery, cook AND eat! The fastest food I could do in that time is good ‘ol spaghetti!

I started off with chopped garlic (which i eventually burned and threw away) and then put in ground meat. I waited until it was a bit brown then tried to chuck in more processed meats. Then, in went the tomato sauce we always have in handy pouches.  Then, for added nutrients and to balance off processed meats, I put in spinach! I seldom see people adding veggies in spaghetti but in Tokyo, it seemed acceptable. I set this aside while the noodles were boiling.

After the noodles were done and sprinkled with salt, the noodles went into the sauce with some cheese!

Walaaah! Meal in less than 20 minutes!

I know it doesn’t look photogenic at all with everthing mixed together like that…but nevermind the photo and dig in!

Cheap Eats!


McDonald’s is having several promotions all over the world!

In Manila and other countries, they celebratrd the National Breakfast Day today by giving away 1,000 free McMuffins.

In Tokyo, they have on going promos such as the buy one take one McNuggets for 190 yen! One lazy sunday afternoon, we hiked to the nearest McDs and ordered one chocolate shake and nuggets which came with bbq sauce and mustard sauce.

This promo is good until March 21.

Next promo is buy one take one french fries! Macha shake is also going to be available this week! Can’t wait to try that too!