In Pain

IMG-20131011-WA0024I generally have high tolerance for pain but last week, I couldn’t move my left thumb and felt a shooting pain as I try to move it!  Reading up (as I would for everything!), “mommy thumb” came up;  wikipedia says it’s called de Quervain syndrome.  Basically, it’s the swelling of the tendon on the thumb side of the wrist from overusing the same part.

It started soon after I gave birth to Little A.  At first I thought it would just go away on its own, but several months after, it’s just getting worse.  So off I go to find some medical help.  Hopefully, the treatment will work (as quick as possible)!


Hokkaido Food Festival 2013

The weather has been weird lately going from cold to hot to rainy.  Luckily, last Sunday’s was bright, shiny and not too hot. We decided to head to Yoyogi Park where the 25th Hokkaido Food Festival was being held. It’s a super big food fair with millions of people attending (I’m exaggerating of course!) and a multitude of food stalls to visit!

First stall we visited was the LeTao and it could’ve been the last, too, and still made the trip there well worth the trouble.


A line of just 6 people, we patiently waited for our turn.  People were buying multiple boxes and that should’ve told us to do the same! The cheesecake was soooo good– the first layer was light and creamy and the second layer gave a little bite to it. Both layers sit on a very light and thin chiffon layer and dusted with chiffon floss that makes you think of eating sweet clouds.  All four layers meld into a heavenly treat that makes you want more.


We almost finished the whole box save for what we call a “dyahe” piece– the last piece that you don’t take because you’re shy (or it’s shameful?!) to do so.

We saved the remaining square for the next day and swore to order this piece of heaven again.


The next stall we lined up for (it’s Japan afterall!) was for Hokkaido Mochi Shu Cream (I made up the name :D)

An interesting take on shu cream.

I also lined up for Snaffles but decided not to buy it. A soft and light cheesecake.

Finished with the sweets– desserts do come first, we headed towards the savory treats. First up was Genghis Khan, ジンギスカン, a popular dish of grilled lamb.


Tasty and perfectly grilled.

We walked around first and saw tons of people eating ramen. Another Hokkaido favorite, I was told. The line was longish as well so DrG patiently waited while I try to scout some seats for us.  No photo this time because Little A wanted to join in on the food festival.


On the way out, we spied Ichigo Mochis. DrG has mentioned this quite a number of times and we haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet so lined up he did for 4 pieces of this mochi goodness. The line moved slowly because the guy was doing each one on order! Each flavor had a different filling and then topped with a fresh and succulent strawberry.  We didn’t finish all four and froze them! You’ve got to try it frozen, too!


photo by DrG


photo by DrG

There were a lot more thing to eat there– melon ice cream, melon cuttings, chirashidon of all kinds, uni, gigantic kani on sticks, sausages, hotate, hokkaido milk, smoothies made of hokkaido milk!

It’s an amazing food festival.  Next year, we will go so much earlier and just stay there the whole day!

Visit the website here:

More information here:

Order the cheesecake here:

Haircuts and I

It’s been months since my last haircut. I even went through the after birth confinement with my longish hair just tied back.  Lucky that we had the aircon running almost 24/7!

For someone like me who thinks that a Php 300 (600Yen) haircut back home was already way too much, Tokyo haircuts are just unaffordable.  My purse just shut close on the idea of paying goshknowshowmuch Yen for one!  Granted, it’s because I am not fashionable nor in-trend but I like and wear my hair plain (‘coz I’m already way too pretty, you know! teehee!!!)

This is why I was excited to find out that QB House not only cater to salary men but also women and children! For 1,050Yen, you get pretty much a decent haircut and only for a fraction of time! Just ten minutes or so for the cut. If there’s a line, the wait might even be longer than the actual cut! Since I can only go out with Little A in tow, this is such an ideal place to get a quick cut and freshen my (sometimes) drab look.

QB House has tons of branches (460 domestic stores)  around Tokyo. Find one near you.