Haircuts and I

It’s been months since my last haircut. I even went through the after birth confinement with my longish hair just tied back.  Lucky that we had the aircon running almost 24/7!

For someone like me who thinks that a Php 300 (600Yen) haircut back home was already way too much, Tokyo haircuts are just unaffordable.  My purse just shut close on the idea of paying goshknowshowmuch Yen for one!  Granted, it’s because I am not fashionable nor in-trend but I like and wear my hair plain (‘coz I’m already way too pretty, you know! teehee!!!)

This is why I was excited to find out that QB House not only cater to salary men but also women and children! For 1,050Yen, you get pretty much a decent haircut and only for a fraction of time! Just ten minutes or so for the cut. If there’s a line, the wait might even be longer than the actual cut! Since I can only go out with Little A in tow, this is such an ideal place to get a quick cut and freshen my (sometimes) drab look.

QB House has tons of branches (460 domestic stores)  around Tokyo. Find one near you.