Flights of Fancy II

After over a year of being away, I finally got to go home (old home)!

Flying with a 2-month old baby made me a little worried but we got there just fine. We did the following to make sure Little A enjoyed the flights.

(1) Book a ticket for the baby and reserve the bassinet. Babies pay a certain percentage for International flights. Make sure they know that you need a bassinet. They’ll even give you diapers (at least for JAL)

(2) Feed the baby.  Timing when to feed the baby is also important. I started to feed her as soon as the plane taxied but, hello, its a pretty long taxi. Wait for the announcement that the plane is about to fly off then feed.

(3) On sleeping. If the baby is asleep, just let them sleep. No need to wake them up to feed.

(4) Bring a favorite toy. Keep them occupied. We brought her rattle but didn’t get to use it. She slept most of the time!

(5) Bring change of clothes for the baby (and you!).  You’ll never know when you’ll need a change of clothes.

The crew provided for the blanket and pillow.

(6) Pray.

We weren’t so lucky on the way back, though. She was tired and fussing. Didn’t want to feed, didn’t want to sleep. She even spitted up milk! We tried putting on a pacifier but she didn’t like it, too. In the end, we just held her and tried to comfort her.

People were nice enough not to complain about the crying. Whew!

Share your tips with me!