This post will not contain any photos– because they do not allow it! I wonder why.  

We had lunch here at the suggestion of DrG’s relative and were warned not to be late because the lines is crazy long when you miss your reservations. We were first to arrive and led to the waiting area.  A few minutes later, a line was already forming and the dining area pretty much filled up quickly. 

Apparently, this guy first worked at a pizzeria and then opened his own a stone throw away in Eifukucho.  Massimotavio won multiple best restaurant awards since it opened in 2011.  And it shows in the food! 

He serves authentic italian pizza, the crust with just the perfect thickness freshly baked in their stone oven.  His namesake pizza had the perfectly salty prosciutto, bright green rocket salad and used mozzarella and none of the fake cheeses rampant in Tokyo pizzas! We ordered a pizza margherita, too! Yummy as well!  Followed by one creamy seafood pasta and a spaghetti bolognese.

They’re right, you can just choose any food off the menu and you won’t be disappointed. So, I guess photos aren’t necessary, then! Just go! 🙂 and go early! 🙂 


〒168-0064 東京都 杉並区 永福4-4-4 永福町ファイブビル  

Tel:03 – 6802 – 7648





The Japanese restaurant craze in Manila is still on going with  numerous  ramen and katsu places opening up all over the metro.

One of the franchised restaurants in Manila is Saboten (さぼてん).

In Tokyo, I’ve only seen take out counters in the past so when we passed by a sitdown/restaurant type branch, we decided to eat there.  Maybe it was an old branch, because the interiors were a bit drabby.

Also, as an open plea, Japan, please get the smoking/non smoking sections right.  It’s about time, really!


Katsu Sauce. Photo by DrG.


All you can eat Cabbage (rice and soup)


Crushing sesame seeds




My Pork Roast

IMG_4450DrG’s Special Pork Roast (which was more tender)

After trying out Saboten, I think I will stick with Wako or try out other katsu brands.

Find the Saboten branches here.

Antendo Bakery

Remember when I said I am often hungry ? This time, the “feed me now” feeling came while we were in front of Antendo Bakery so we figured might as well buy something to munch on.

They were selling the bun right outside, so yey!


The bun is being advertised all over the store. And every corner of the bakery had trays of curry buns!IMG_4341

The outside of the curry pan is crispy!


The innards– cabbage, carrots, onions, and  ガシャキシャキ (don’t know what it is) curry with egg! It’s really good specially when it’s still quite hot!


It was so good, we decided to return to the store to buy another one! We also saw that they have Christmas only products. We tried the Furano Melon.


And it was yummy! Soft and creamy and very…melon-y! I’m salivating just looking at the photo.


They also have a chocolate version with nama inside. I’m going back for it!

Visit their site for branches and products.

Gigantic Christmas Trees

The last time we went to Kichijoji for Koki’s, we saw this amazingly gigantic Christmas tree in LLBean. There are a lot of christmas trees in Tokyo, I know, but this one is special because it’s an actual tree!  I told DrG about it and he gladly went with us again to take some family selfie photos (we have got to get us a tripod soon!)


The tree doesn’t look perfect but I think it just makes it more unique!


I still dream of getting our very own pine tree for Christmas but, definitely, not while in Japan. I wouldn’t know where to put up the tree!


There are many other Christmas trees all over Tokyo. Here are some more we saw when we went to Marounochi.

IMG_4396Disney Princess Tree

IMG_4398Aurora’s Dress

IMG_4399Snow White and the Apple

IMG_4397Belle’s dress, the looking glass and a book from the Beast’s library

IMG_4401Ariel’s dress and shells

IMG_4438Mickey and Minnie’s

IMG_4460Kitte’s White Christmas

I’m sure there are a lot more Christmas decorations out there but let’s all remember the Christ in Christmas and not get lost in all the sparkles and merriment the season brings!  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Lights in Tokyo

Last year, we spent a huge chunk of a very cold evening lining up to see Tokyo Midtown’s illumination. What it is is a spectacular display of lights set to music. Unfortunately, everyone thought it was a great idea to go see it on Christmas eve so we had to line up– for hours!

The line started near the train exit, snaking around a number of blocks! Since we were already committed to look at the lights, we grinned and bear it and promised not to do it again.


See the lines? The good thing is everyone’s lining up properly and no one is cutting in!


Your reward for being nice.

And an extra reward from Tokyo Tower:


Promises are made to be broken, aren’t day? Because this year, we decided to go look again! We are, of course, a little wiser now so we went earlier (Dec 15) and went somewhere more baby friendly.


Still with lots of people, but, no snaking lines! It’s a spectacular display of tea lights on the trees lining the busy streets of Marounochi buildings.  It looks pretty amaze-balls when you’re there! My photo doesn’t do justice but you can imagine the Christmas-y feelings the lights conjure!

There are other places with illumination displays. Visit this site to get updates.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Artwork

I saw this recently from Tokyo Kids.

I had some gift packages to wrap and thought it would be nice to put a wreath in front instead of tying the package in ribbon.

First, I cut out a pattern of Little A’s hand.


Next, I used several sheets of colored craft sheets, traced and then cut out the little hand pattern.


Then, I got some short ribbons to tie on the wreath once I’ve arranged them.


Lastly, I arranged the hands, glued them on the package, and  finally tied on the short ribbon.


Pretty easy project.



Merry Christmas!