MDO: Koki’s House

AteC discovered Koki’s House recently, so we decided to have an impromptu Mommies’ Day Out (MDO) at Kichijoji.

With two babies in tow, you’d think it’d be inappropriate to bring them to a pub type place, but, Koki’s during lunchtime is a tame restaurant and ultra groovy! The first floor dining area is wide and they played Beatles the whole time we were there.  They sat us in the back so we got to breastfeed without having to worry about peekaboos, teehee!

Order a main entree lunch and you get salad, drink and dessert 食べ放題 (all you can eat)– for a cost of about 1200yen! The food is not spectacular but it’s such a value for money place we’d be back for sure.

20131205_122156For the mains, they have pasta, rice toppings, curry, hamburg. Then the buffet spread includes about 8 to 10 cold salads and a pasta dish.  There’s chocolate and strawberry fondue with biscuits, mallows, mini creampuffs, apple and pineapples for dipping! Various cakes like tiramusu and strawberry shortcake, pudding and flan cakes, mochi and almond jelly. There was also a soft ice cream machine with nuts, cornflakes, sprinkles and sauces.  On the way out, there’s a hello kitty candy machine and a cotton candy machine (which wasn’t on)! Drinks include orange, pineapple, coffee and several kinds of teas.  Didn’t I say, value for money?


I ordered the salmon risotto. It was piping hot and creamy! I loved it!


While waiting for our food, which came out pretty fast, I had a plate of pasta and salad.


Then, I had burrito wrap and tortillas with dip.


Then, I went back 3 times for the desserts! 😀



Weekends are busy so go early!

Koki’s House   コーキーズハウス
東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2-10-6  〒180-0004
Address: 2-10-6 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0004, Japan

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