Patisserie Paris S’eveille

Don’t you think Japanese pastries are sooo pretty and delectable?

Did you say yes?

Of course, you did.

One of the shops you have got to try is Patisserie Paris S’eveille. They serve this little chocolate molten cake called Chocolate Fondant Cake. It is heaven on a plate!


I don’t have a photo of the innards but take my word for it, the insides are gooey and so chocolatey!  Worth the wait (you have to line up, too!)


Raspberry Chocolate MousseIMG_0461



Almond ShuCream (not the official name)

Go try! It really is worth lining up for.

Address 2-14-5, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

〒152-0035 東京都目黒区自由が丘2-14-5 館山ビル 1F
Phone Number 03-5731-3230


One thought on “Patisserie Paris S’eveille

  1. Yes, that molten cake looks good but my heart belongs to that raspberry chocolate mousse. The chocolate its coated in looks so dark and delicious.

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