Gigantic Christmas Trees

The last time we went to Kichijoji for Koki’s, we saw this amazingly gigantic Christmas tree in LLBean. There are a lot of christmas trees in Tokyo, I know, but this one is special because it’s an actual tree!  I told DrG about it and he gladly went with us again to take some family selfie photos (we have got to get us a tripod soon!)


The tree doesn’t look perfect but I think it just makes it more unique!


I still dream of getting our very own pine tree for Christmas but, definitely, not while in Japan. I wouldn’t know where to put up the tree!


There are many other Christmas trees all over Tokyo. Here are some more we saw when we went to Marounochi.

IMG_4396Disney Princess Tree

IMG_4398Aurora’s Dress

IMG_4399Snow White and the Apple

IMG_4397Belle’s dress, the looking glass and a book from the Beast’s library

IMG_4401Ariel’s dress and shells

IMG_4438Mickey and Minnie’s

IMG_4460Kitte’s White Christmas

I’m sure there are a lot more Christmas decorations out there but let’s all remember the Christ in Christmas and not get lost in all the sparkles and merriment the season brings!  Merry Christmas!