This post will not contain any photos– because they do not allow it! I wonder why.  

We had lunch here at the suggestion of DrG’s relative and were warned not to be late because the lines is crazy long when you miss your reservations. We were first to arrive and led to the waiting area.  A few minutes later, a line was already forming and the dining area pretty much filled up quickly. 

Apparently, this guy first worked at a pizzeria and then opened his own a stone throw away in Eifukucho.  Massimotavio won multiple best restaurant awards since it opened in 2011.  And it shows in the food! 

He serves authentic italian pizza, the crust with just the perfect thickness freshly baked in their stone oven.  His namesake pizza had the perfectly salty prosciutto, bright green rocket salad and used mozzarella and none of the fake cheeses rampant in Tokyo pizzas! We ordered a pizza margherita, too! Yummy as well!  Followed by one creamy seafood pasta and a spaghetti bolognese.

They’re right, you can just choose any food off the menu and you won’t be disappointed. So, I guess photos aren’t necessary, then! Just go! 🙂 and go early! 🙂 


〒168-0064 東京都 杉並区 永福4-4-4 永福町ファイブビル  

Tel:03 – 6802 – 7648