Ippudo at Home

Ramen shop competition in Japan can be fierce so it’s essential to innovate.  One would argue though that expanding your brand by going into instant noodle is a wise choice.  But, Ippudo did it anyway in cooperation with 7-11!

Below is a photo of Ippudo’s red ramen.


Here’s the 7-11 find:


Before the boiling water goes in:


After the 5 minute wait:


They got the soup right! DrG says it tastes exactly like the real thing.  The texture wasn’t at par, though; but, bear in mind we are talking about instant noodles here.  The meat was dehydrated then rehydrated so, uhmm…no need to tell you what that’s like, yah?

The price is a little bit higher but larger than your regular cup of Nissin, too.

I’m still not convinced about the logic behind the brand’s move. It maybe be good as a promotion (for both 7-11 and Ippudo) but I don’t think it adds value to Ippudo’s brand in the long run. If you want good instant noodle, yes, by all means, go ahead and try this one out! If you want good ramen, head towards the nearest Ippudo (or any ramen house!)

Your thoughts? 🙂

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