Maple House

Kichijoji is fast becoming my favorite place! During the holidays, we had time to stroll around the area.  Such a huge place with little nooks and crannies! Alleys that have little weird shops 🙂 I love it!

One of my weaknesses (there are a lot!) is creampuffs!  I cannot pass by a shop selling shu creams and not try it.  So try I must!

Maple House is just off Satou Steakhouse and it only sells shu creams and rusks.


imageThe Matcha Shou

imageThe innards

imagePlain Saku Saku Maple Shou

What I love about Maple’s is the crunchy crust! It even has sugar bits on top. The custard inside is creamy and light. The matcha flavor has only a light tinge of green but you can taste the intensity of the flavor! There’s a dash of matcha powder on the crust, too, for that added matcha kick!

This is one of the best shu creams I’ve tried and it’s only 160-180yen a piece!

Website of Maple House