Eat Diner

An impromptu meet up with a couple of friends found us at Shin Qs/Hikarie, Shibuya. The restaurants in this mall are at the 6th to 8th floor and some little cafes and cake shops at B3 and 4th floor.  We were just interested in snacks as we all just had lunch. We couldn’t decide where to go so we went around first. We are, fortunately, marketing susceptible people– we were easily sold by a huge poster of burrito being advertised at the store front of Eat Diner.


We ordered the carnitas burrito

The burrito had beans, avocado, lettuce, tomato and meat. Oh, the meat! It was melt in your mouth soft. It was really good.  The order came with chips, too!

There were other burrito flavors, sandwiches and pastas. Cocktails and non alcoholic drinks are also available.


We ordered a strawberry shake expecting a regular smoothie of ice cream and strawberry. But this one came with bits and pieces of strawberry jelly which made it refreshingly surprising.

The diner is nice and big– great for sitting and chatting while eating even with 2 kids with us.

If you find yourself in ShinQs or Hikarie, it’s a good restaurant to dine in!


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  1. I’ll have to go to this place the next time I’m in Tokyo and I’m craving Mexican food. Being from So Cal, I eat Mexican quite a bit but I’ve always been hesitant to try it in Japan since I’d heard some not-so-great things.

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