Nagi, Revisted

February is going by soooo fast! My birthday came and went just like that!  On the day itself, we had a simple dinner and cakes (yes, plural) at home.

Seafood Pasta

Cake from DrG. Val spelled with a heart đŸ™‚

Surprise birthday cake from AteC and Sil.

No need for any fancy or elaborate celebration. I prefer quiet birthdays…which means eating out with family and friends. We headed to Nagi again for a bowl full of ramen. We each had a Black King and chose the large and hard noodles.


We also ordered gyoza. They were crispy and tasty laid on top of a small bed of bean sprouts. It’s a good accompaniment to the 2 slice of meat bowl of ramen.


Since it’s my birthday, I had the privilege of ordering the tabehodai noodles. For an additional 100yen, you can eat as much thin noodles as you want. The trick is to save the soup. There’s no photo of how I pigged out though! But trust me, it was lip smacking good!

Happy birthday to me! Stay awesome! đŸ˜‰


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  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was wonderful — you got to eat all kinds of tasty foods and spend time with family and friends. Mmm, I love the cakes in Japan, especially the strawberry whipped cream ones!

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