Cherry Blossoms 2014

A pause on the chronicles of Manila Trip because it’s Hanami time in Tokyo. The cherry trees were forecasted to bloom on March 28 and they did! 


We visited Chidorigafuchi 千鳥が淵 which is close to the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station although we got off at the Kudanshita stop. If you are there for the picnic, get off Hanzomon stop. The canopy of trees provide for a very beautiful picnic place.  If you want to see multitudes of trees up close and personal, best to stop at Kudanshita.


If you have the luxury of time, take a boat ride in the moat 🙂 

Another favorite is Shunjukugyoen with sprawling manicured grasses. Bring mats and food! Alcoholic drinks prohibited.


So pretty, yes?Image

There are other locations, so just go go go! Full bloom in Tokyo is forecasted on April 5! so hurry, nature is offering this for a limited time only 🙂