I’ve been to Ginza plenty of times but it’s my first time to try belgian waffles from Manneken. There are 6 flavors to choose from so we bought one of each to try. Each waffle has a thin sugary glaze and chewy insides!



Chocolate, Almonds,  Strawberry, Maccha,  Maple and Plain.


Chocolate. Dark and thick! Best one in my opinion.


Almond. Speckles only.


Strawberry. I liked!


Green Tea. I liked even more!

Lines could be horrendously long so be patient, it’s worth the wait. Each waffle costs 140yen. Other products inlcude rusks and belgian cream. Will try these next time! Oh yes, there’s going to be a next time!



Enoshima Day Trip

My brother in law stayed in Enoshima a decade ago so when the family came to visit, a day of fun was scheduled!

The train transfers were easy because DrG went with us and he took care of reading maps and signages! The commute from JR’s Shinjuku to Ofuna to Odakyu’s Enoshima took about an hour.

When we got there, we stopped by McDonald’s first and kombini to buy refreshments.


A quick stop at the tourist center for basic information and to find out what’s close that day (in our case, the caves). You can also buy an Eno-pass for all the major sites entrances and escalator fees.

There are so many places to go-the beach, the shrine, the observatory/lighthouse, the love bell. There’s also the spa, the aquarium, the caves,a temple, the botanical gardens.

We headed towards the lighthouse side because there are picnic tables available for lunch! We crossed this slightly scenic bridge.

You could see Mount Fuji from the bridge!


but not in this photo


We bought chicken teriyaki bento boxes, salad and fruits. We also had some provisions from the kombini like shu cream, pocky, chips and caramel corn (hat tip to Kt!)


There are restaurants in this area, too! They serve shirasu donburis (little fishes), the speciality of Enoshima. And a burger place. There are more seating area in this section.


Some grilling corn, tako, and clams

You can just eat at these establishments rather than carry bentos.



Grilled Tako!

We cut our lunch short because people (still) smoke anywhere! Sigh 😦


We headed towards the shrine.


You can use the escalators to go up but there are only stairs and ramps for going down! So…don’t bring a stroller!


The magnificent view from the top!


There’s also small pockets of gardens with lots of flowers and big red tulips!


We also went to the love bell to ring the bell for true love.  Then, wrote our names on some locks and placed them in this fence! Adorable and touristy! 🙂


_MG_0693The lighthouse


IMG-20140412-WA0060Come summer time, maybe we can go back and enjoy the beach!

I was too tired from all the hiking and didn’t get to see the Aquarium (which closes at 5pm).  Something definitely for the next visit! 🙂

Enjoy Enoshima. More details here.


Note: all photos by my family! busy hands the whole time!


Ihop, U.P. Town Center

On our last day in Manila, my parents wanted to have breakfast at Ihop. The chain opened in the Philippines about 2 years ago in a far far area (from our house!) called Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. It’s one of the new-er, hipper places. lines are always crazy though so, no, it’s not something the family would patiently wait in line for.  Recently, it opened a branch nearer to home.


My family had been there once before and tried out their waffle. Yes, just 1 order for everyone to share as they were restaurant hopping at the newly opened town center and Ihop was already their fourth restaurant. They decided to come back because they served pretty darn good crispy waffle.


I ordered the sirloin tips breakfast combo. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it so much. The sirloin tips while very tender had a weird sweet sauce.  It was like someone mistakenly drizzled maple syrup on it. The hash potatoes was too salty for my taste. It had crispy outer layer though and soft tangled mid section. The eggs were cooked just right–runny like I wanted them. The pancakes were soft and buttery. I think they were the saving grace….they ought to be methinks! After all, Ihop is short for International House of Pancakes.


All orders came with pancakes!

There are 4 syrups to slather your pancakes with – traditional maple, butter pecan, blueberry and strawberry. I liked the plain maple best, and maybe the butter pecan. I didn’t like the strawberry and blueberry sauces.


My sister and mom ordered the ham and sausage combination. The ham reminded me of Christmas!

My dad had the waffle. He liked it.


My eldest sister ordered french toasts with sausages and eggs.

They all had unlimited coffee. I might have been adopted cause I’m the only one who doesn’t drink coffee!

Between Wildflour and Ihop, I think I’d prefer Ihop. However, if you’re near a Pancake House, go there instead! 🙂

UP Town Center

Little A Attended a Party

My nephew celebrated his birthday recently and Little A got to attend her second big party!

Here’s some scenes from the day:

Keaton 10th birthday_1082

You’re Invited

Keaton 10th birthday_1115


Get Ready to Have Fun


The stage. Styled by styledbycheri.


Paper planes and balloons take flight.

Keaton 10th birthday_0089

Dessert table by Quintbelles. Cupcakes, cookies, cake, cake pops.

Keaton 10th birthday_0163

Quintbelles’ Cupcakes

Keaton 10th birthday_0171

More cupcakesby Quintbelles! Chocolate with oreo tidbits!

Keaton 10th birthday_0227

Quintbelles’ Oreo Truffles

Keaton 10th birthday_0090

Birthday Cakeby Quintbelles

Keaton 10th birthday_0213

Quintbelles’ Sugar Cookies

Keaton 10th birthday_0243More Sugar Cookies

Keaton 10th birthday_1738

Kids enjoying the desserts

Keaton 10th birthday_0174

Paper Planes

Keaton 10th birthday_0028

Parting Gifts aka Baggages


Friends of the birthday boy

Keaton 10th birthday_1617

the birthday boy and parents

IMG-20140302-WA0034after opening his birthday gifts

A happy boy he was although he wasn’t feeling all that well!

Apart from a few wakeful moments, Little A spent most of the party sleeping 🙂 Never mind the loud music and chattering, she wanted to sleep so she slept!

Cakes by Quintbelles
Photos by Stanley Ong Photography
Styling by Styledbycheri

BRGR Project

A quick lunch found us at BRGR Project. A small burger place in the Scout area offering the new craze of DIY-ing your food. First were pizzas (project Pie), followed by burgers, then ice cream (by Magnum).

I think it’s brilliant!


leads you to the seating area on the second floor



because everybody thinks chalkboards are ❤


My Bebe Burger

they have standardized brgrs tooIMG_5735


my bebe burger!IMG_5749

very good and oily friesIMG_5750

onion ringsIMG_5751

sister’s burger



The concept’s great! You’re given the freedom to choose what goes into your burger. If you’re overwhelmed, you can just choose their standard burgers.

The disappointing part though is their patties are not mixed properly– the patties were too salty on one portion and tasteless on another. Bbblehhh! 😦

Anyway, after lunch, we went next door to Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe for some desserts.


with the Macaron lightsIMG_5758

Revel bars and MudpiesIMG_5759

MacaronsIMG_5760You can bring your burgers to Mrs. Graham’s frilly cafe as both are owned by the same people!

BRGR Project and Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe
51 Rallos, South Triangle QC


I’ve read about this place some time ago, and I wanted to try it out for myself. When we got there, the place was nice and charming as it was designed by the famous Almario sisters. They convert old homes in the Scout area to charming little restaurants.

Unfortunately, someone was blasting some gosh-awful singing from one of the private rooms.  We called the attention of the waiter and politely asked if they could close the door of the private room so it won’t be too loud from where we were seated. What do you know! The waiters said they already asked to close the door but the owner didn’t want to–he was the one “singing” off key!  We realized later on that it was so loud because the “singing” was piped in to the whole floor!  It was so bad we decided to ask them to transfer us. I was prepared to leave if they couldn’t/couldn’t!

Apart from that small matter, my friends and I had a good time catching up with each other. Well, some of us anyway! A friend lost some of her belongings that day so she was a bit out of sorts. Awwww!IMG_5706Hello, Happiness!IMG_5707Mushroom Soup. Not spectacular!IMG_5708Pumpkin Bisque. Just ok!IMG_5709Lemon Chicken. This one I liked best, it was juicy and lemony.IMG_5712  Truffle Mushroom Pasta. I ate a lot of this because I was hungry! and it’s pasta! IMG_5713Spinach dip. Good appetizer while waiting for our food to arrive!IMG_5714 Surf and Turf. Beef and shrimp for sharing. Again, I ate a lot of this dish! ‘coz I was hungry! It was also my first night out with friends so I was a bit excited and giddy. Little A cooperated with me really well. She sat on her high chair and charmed my friends with her adorable coos and smiles! She asked for milk and promptly fell asleep 🙂

The food was ok, the company was great! 🙂

74 Scout Limbaga St. Bryg. Laging Handa Tomas Morato, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines
09266959885 / 352-5492

Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel

On our last meeting with Grandpa and Grandma, we decided to eat at a steakhouse since Grandma likes it.

Cowrie Grill is a steakhouse by Manila Hotel, the oldest hotel is the country.

The grandpa and grandma could not eat a lot so we decided on some very basic dishes.


complimentary bread


with three types of cold butter (plain, herbs, sundried tomatoes)

Caesar salad mixed table side

IMG_5973their famous Caesar Salad


Grilled Chicken with Rice


new york steak with baked potato and vegetables


three sauces that came with the steak

The steak didn’t need it though, it was yummy even without them. I like my steak medium rare but since we shared this, it was cooked medium well. Even so, it was very good steak indeed.

Too bad I didn’t get to order any desserts. They serve pretty mean crepe suzette flambéed table side!

A simple meal with great hotel grade service. Glasses and bread basket always kept full.


Cowrie Grill
Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines