Hokkaido Fair at Odakyu Shinjuku

Just a quick post to announce that there’s an ongoing Hokkaido Fair at Odakyu Shinjuku until June 3!


Some of our favorites weren’t there but still worth a peek if you’re around the area! LeTao is there if that means something to you. I know it does for me–the best cheesecake with no shipping costs!


Instead of heading to the newly opened Ippudo at Nishishinjuku, we had hokkaido ramen instead. Pictured above is the shoyu ramen. The meat was mighty tender and just melts in your mouth.


Miso ramen which was a bit too salty for my taste.


Extra charsyu with rice 🙂 really good! This was the best of the 3! Too bad they ran out of their famous uni (sea urchin) ramen.

Incidentally, Tokyo Banana has a kiosk at Odakyu, too!
The fair is until the 3rd so hurry!


Markt Cafe

A handful of friends decided to meet up during the Golden Week and I was tasked to find a place to have lunch in Futako Tamagawa area. I have only been in the area once but, luckily, found a spectacular place there.

Tucked away in a relatively quiet street, just a few minutes walk from the Futako Tamagawa station, is Markt Cafe.


the charming facade

Image vintage-y vibe


Lunch menu for the day


Dessert menu


Reserving for 20 is no small feat in Tokyo. There’s the language barrier, so I had to ask DrG to make the reservations.   Then, there’s the large group issue! After some hesitation, they accepted our reservations– and what do you know, they gave us their party/event space with no overhead charges! Excellent Japanese customer service.


The Markt Cafe is a restaurant slash photo studio. They do 357 for kids (a Japanese thing), pre nuptial and nuptial photos shoots.  We were also told that magazine shoots happen often in the restaurant and the second floor.


Pretty background/props

They had set menu so all we had to do what choose between fish and pork. Each set came with salad, unlimited bread and drink.


Greens with a very light dressing


The Pork Set.

Two chunks of soft meat with a very good side dish of cabbages and mashed potatoesIMG_7242The Fish Set.

Crispy skin hides the perfectly cooked fish. It sits on top of veggies swimming in egg white and light marinara sauce. Little A feasted on the unlimited bread and the fish set!

Overall, it was a great way to spend the day with friends (old and new!)

Markt Cafe can host your parties and events. Also perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration lunch!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Visit them at http://marktcafe.jp/
Telephone: 03-3708-7723