Lao Ji Shi (Old Jesse, 老吉士)

We eventually did get to Shanghai restaurants!


Lao Ji Shi was on my list of places to try but the first branch we went to was closed. Luckily, we were able to reserve a table in the swanky IAPM.


Glutinous rice stuffed in dates. Delicious!


Really good and cholesterol laden dish. Crab roe with buns! We wiped the bowl clean!


Ugly looking but tender beef brisket in pepper sauce.


Salted duck which is a popular way to cook meats in Shanghai


Braised Pork in Sweet Sauce. Another popular Shanghai cuisine.


Vegetable Rice because you have to have greens!

Overall, a satisfying meal but my tongue is a bit overwhelmed with sweetness and saltiness of every dish. Not the fault of the restaurant though; I was told that Shanghai cuisine really uses sugar and salt (and or soy sauce) like there’s no tomorrow. My sister said everything tasted great for her 🙂

This brand has spawned several other restaurants with the same Jesse name.

IAPM Mall, L302, 3/F, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu
淮海中路999号3楼, 近陕西南路

Phone 6422 9091


Brunch #2 at Public

We scheduled another brunch, this time, at the Public Food and Drinks. It serves American breakfast/brunch and is an awarded gastropub at nights.

This time there were three of us (and a baby) so we ordered just enough for five– kidding!


The raspberry tea smells divine but unfortunately, it doesn’t taste as heavenly.


Farmhouse Omelette with ham, cheese and mushroom. Potatoes on the side. This dish was just okay. Not spectacular.


Truffle oil fries. Really good. Worth the 5 pounds you gain when you polish this off!IMG_5142 Chicken and Waffles. Really good 3 piece fried chicken. The fried batter was thick and crispy and the insides were tender and hot. We ate the waffle slathered with their homemade blueberry sauce. Huge order, definitely for sharing.

IMG_5144The only photo I have of this pastrami sandwich. I have had better pastramis in the past. But passable if you miss having pastrami sandwich. Sweet potatoes on the side which was a surprise!

Go for the chicken and ambiance!  The service was friendly, too!

Second Floor, 174 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu, Xuhui district
徐汇区襄阳南路174号2楼, 近复兴中路 Call to reserve 6417 1679


Brunch at Green and Safe

You’d think we’d be eating dimsum everyday in Shanghai, but our first stop was at this organic restaurant at the French Concession area (Dongping Lu) called Green and Safe.


The first floor has loads of organic vegetables, grains, chocolates. Breads, cookies and pastries of different sorts. And a chocolate arena featuring an Austrian brand (don’t remember which!)

IMG_5038IMG_5042 IMG_5040IMG_5039

Next to it is a cafeteria-like setting where they serve pastas, cheeses, sandwiches and salads. They were also selling my new favorite coconut juice(Real Coco made in the Philippines)


We headed to the Green Kitchen at the second floor, for their brunch offerings which apparently is a big hit with Shanghainese and foreigners alike– families and friends sharing meals; couples dating (so early in the day!)


And because I like the lighting fixtures…


We ordered loads; there were just two of us plus a little sleeping baby. Don’t judge 🙂

IMG_5028Homemade Bagel with Organic Smoked Salmon and Avocado

IMG_5027Egg Benedict with Bacon

IMG_5034Banana Walnut French Toast

IMG_5033Burger with Mushroom in Sesame Bun


IMG_5030We thought brunch meant ordering one breakfast and one lunch each. Hahahahahaburp!

IMG_5036They offer a wide range of juices, too! We tried the green veggie smoothie and a beet juice. The latter was harder to like 🙂 They have coffee too!

6 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu, Xuhui district, Shanghai

徐汇区东平路6号, 近衡山路

Call to reserve 5465 1288