Little A Celebrated Her Birthday with “A” Party

It is always fun to celebrate birthdays!  Where I come from, kids’ birthday parties are as much a big business as weddings. Event venues, party planners, cake and dessert makers, entertainers, photographers and videographers are booked six months in advance.  The best locations and professionals are fully booked early so some eager moms reserve and pay in advance as soon as the baby pops out! Talk about pressure!

_DSC8963 web

We veered away from a huge party as this was a destination party (for us anyway, since we needed to travel back). We decided to hold the celebration at my favorite restaurant which is warm and cozy (fits only 50 people).

Uno is a small family restaurant that serves great comfort food– the type that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling inside your tummy. Also, they have super delicious bread and pastries. Nicest people to work with, too!

_DSC8962 web

We DIY-ed almost everything! The caricature and invitation were made by my artist friend Wendy.


Thanks to family and friends who helped, we put up some banners and balloons to liven up the place.

 _DSC9019 web

Quintbelles provided the desserts and set up. We served brownies, matcha cheesecake and plain cheesecake, calamansi cupcakes and vanilla cream cupcakes, and rice crispy treats!


Cupcake Toppers were printed, cut into circles and taped to a pick with washi tape.


Labels were printed, cut and folded to look like so:



Dessert plates were from 100yen shop and spoons were washi-fied with polka dot tapes.


Gifts were wrapped in kraft paper and a “thAnk you” note attached!


It was fun planning and doing the decors…try this for your next party 🙂

<Cake and Dessert Table>

New contact number: 0917-5032329.
Mobile landline: 02-2176584
Email at
<Food and Venue>
UNO Restaurant
195 Scout Fuentebella, Tomas Morato, QC
First 2 photos are his. Great guy!
*The rest are my own personal shots.

(More)Food Tripping in China

We ate a lot more in China! Here are some more photos for you to drool on– sorry!IMG_5146 IMG_5149

Really good hotpot. Go early! Lines are crazy long. They even have a nail salon on the +side for those waiting!

The Dolar Shop

363 Shanghai No. 3 Tianyueqiao Road House (near Nandan Road)
Tel :086(21)64263457



Why no mark?


It’s so flufffy

Supposedly the lines are long but we were lucky there weren’t any!

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake at Deji Plaza


Milko Milk Tea available in almost every other corner in Nanjing


Spicy Duck Rice Topping

IMG_5088  Stone Pot at Deji Plaza


Really good fish at this hole in the wall restaurant!

IMG_5072 IMG_5078 IMG_5076
IMG_5083 IMG_5082 IMG_5090

great food here and authentic chinatown ambiance at a high end mall

Da Pai Dang at Deji Plaza

And this sums up our (food) trip in China!

Lang Li Bai Jiang Xian Guan

We were looking for a place to eat and walked in to this restaurant. The place looks busy so we decided to try it out.IMG_5051

It was just us but we ordered a lot (again!)


Pork so tender and fatty! Oh my god, so good with rice!


Veggies for the day with garlic


Steamed fish drenched in oil


Pork trotter because!


Rice noodles


And this can of coke that reads 听妈妈的话 (literally Listen to Mama’s Words)

Not bad for a random restaurant. Just don’t get turned off by spitting service crew. Ugh!

Lang Lu Bai Jiang Xian Guan 

BaiXiaQu JinLuan Xiang 8Hao Su Ning DianQi Pang De XiangZi Li, Nanjing, China

Twelve at Hengshan

We liked going to hotel buffets back home and have been spoiled with all the buffet spreads available. My expectations were pretty high when my sister said we will have dinner at Twelve.


Grilling station


Seafood diet. I see food, I eat!


Salad and accompaniments


Peking duck rolls


Sushi plate (Tako shown)


Curries and stewsIMG_5133

Various viands. Chicken, vegetables, fish, meats.


Noodle station


Dessert spread with fruits and pastries


More pastries


Fruit platters

Not up to par with buffets we grew up with but since my sister and I haven’t been back home in years, this was enough to remind us of the fun times we had.

They have outdoor seating which you can request for dates (wink wink!)– we wanted to be near the food though so we sat indoors! Teehee!

Twelve at Hengshan

12 Hengshan Road, Shanghai, China, 200031
+86 21 3338 388

TianZiFang Day

We had a day to ourselves so my sister told us we might enjoy Tianzifang. We explored the little alleyways and had fun!


 There were many stores selling photographs, arts, souvenirs, clothes and little knick knacks.


Pots and ceramics


Cheongsams and accessories


Shanghai lady cosmetics and soaps


Art Galleries


restaurants of every kind to cater to tourists


Flowers out of the blue


The stores are houses converted into shops. Some people still live there as evidenced by clothes hung outside.


This is a Durianything store. I was hoping to try their macarons but weren’t available that day. The shop next to it is a nitrogen ice cream bar but either it has closed down or hasn’t opened that day.

My sister recommended we go to Kommune for lunch. Lucky we went early because the place filled up pretty quickly. The service was great and the servers were friendly. Although when we passed by again (around 2pm), a couple of foreigners were pissed about late orders (They were speaking in fluent mandarin!).


We sat outside and enjoyed people watching (and eavesdropping).


Family deciding what to get.


Our order! Mama’s Lasagna set which came with mushroom soup or salad. We chose the soup and it came in this pretty thermos.


Huge order for me and Little A


I miss the cheesy lasagna!IMG_5234

Before we went home, a quick stop at a tea house for milk tea with pearls was needed!

I have one regret though. I didn’t buy several animal hand puppets I thought were cute! I was haggling with the lady and I thought walking away would be a good strategy. I would go back for them if I could!

Tian Zi Fang is at Taikang Road, Luwan District

Aux Jardins Massenet Afternoon Tea

We were in Sinan Lu and figured we could try one of the many places that offer afternoon tea. We were a bit early for afternoon tea though so we waited a bit before our tower came out. Located inside Sinan Mansions, Aux Jardins Massenet looks very luxurious with its with restored colonial era structures.


Cafe Latte


Hot Chocolate. Very Swiss Miss-y. We should’ve ordered teas, yes?


Not so pretty


Cranberry and Raisin Scone with whipped cream and jam


Macaroon hamburger, Lemon Tart, Nameless Cake(official name, not joking!), Chocolate Financier with passion fruit, Coconut Mango Pellet


Sesame Tuna, Shrimp Tail with cocktail sauce, Garlic Herb Beef, Curry Cod Puff and Smoked Salmon with Mango and avocado salsa.


Papaya Tapioca Pudding and Pineapple pastry

This set is good for 2 people at Rmb 298. Maybe try somewhere else next time 🙂 22 Bund offers afternoon tea, too. Next time!

Hotel Massenet,
Sinan Mansions,
51 Sinan Lu,
near Fuxing Lu
近复兴路 Tel 3401 9998

Estado Puro at Xintiandi

We were looking for Old Jesse at Xintiandi but since it has since closed, we chose a tapas restaurant called Estado Puro to have a quick lunch. Quick lunch is actually just code word for let’s stuff ourselves silly.

IMG_5092 First tapas was this jamon with bread and bruschetta. Yummy but their jamon blade needs a bit of sharpening (or someone else to slice them!)

IMG_5096Mashed potatoes topped with caviar and sour cream and chives. Nice presentation!

IMG_5099I like that it is cubed! I’m shallow this way.

IMG_5103Foie gras terrine with red wine reduction on top! Just two pieces though so quite expensive for the price. But my gosh, I could eat ten of these.


Because it deserves a close up.

IMG_5097Garlic Prawns swimming in chili oil. The oil was soooo good that we decided to order more bread and soak them in the chili goodness. I salivate just thinking about this!


Suckling pig with pumpkin puree. I was expecting a very crunchy skin but got disappointed. The pumpkin puree was just a weird pairing.

We walked in during lunch time–there were only a handful of tourists (like us!) and some locals from nearby offices. Maybe this Paco Roncero restaurant is more popular at nights.

Unit 3, 1F, Bldg 22, North Plaza, 181 Taicang Lu

(near Huangpi Nan Lu)太仓路181弄新天地北里22号楼1层03单元(近黄陂南路)

Tel: 6385-8001