Lei Garden 利苑

When the parents visited Shanghai, they had wanted to try this Cantonese restaurant but Lei Garden required advance reservations. This time, my sister planned ahead and booked us a table. Expectations were high.

IMG_5189Beautiful frontage, yes?  They have private rooms, too!

This restaurant is located in IAPM where other big brands are housed as well. Din Tai Fung, Lao Ji Shi, etc.

IMG_5202Modern Interiors

IMG_5191Art Installation up front. You like it? I, on the other hand, find it a tad weird. Lighting didn’t help.

IMG_5196Couldn’t figure out the two sets of chopsticks. At first, I thought one was a service set — for getting food or giving food to someone else. However, other people were just using one set for all purposes. I guess this is so you stop asking for extra chopsticks. Here you go, two sets. I hope it is enough to last you the whole meal. Don’t ask for another one. Jeez! Hehe!

IMG_5187 Spied this from our neighbor’s table. I thought it was cute! Watermelon shake decorated to look like watermelon! Can you see it?


Fried Tofu with Eggwhite Sauce IMG_5181

Fried and Perfectly Flat (Not the official name)IMG_5182

Saw this on another neighbor’s table. Yes, I look around a lot. Mainly asparagus and mushroom but decorated with a pretty nest of egg noodles.IMG_5184Salted fish and minced meat.IMG_5185Fried fish in sweet and sour sauceIMG_5180CharsiewIMG_5186A claypot filled with rice and sausage. Reminds me of home!IMG_5198 Here, the lady is expertly mixing the contents so each scoop will have a good rice and sausage ratio.

The food is great– very typical Cantonese fare. However, for a Michelin starred restaurant, I was expecting more.  When you sneeze, at least pretend to wipe your hand before you handle our food (not the lady shown here). Or, when asked what you could recommend, don’t just lazily point to the day’s menu. Good service makes a whole lot of difference. As a side story: when we went to Muji (a Japanese chain) after dinner, I was surprised that they handed back the credit card with two hands!

Dimsum available on weekends

淮海中路999号环贸广场  L4 -L4/IAPM, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Call to reserve (86-21) 5425 2283