TianZiFang Day

We had a day to ourselves so my sister told us we might enjoy Tianzifang. We explored the little alleyways and had fun!


 There were many stores selling photographs, arts, souvenirs, clothes and little knick knacks.


Pots and ceramics


Cheongsams and accessories


Shanghai lady cosmetics and soaps


Art Galleries


restaurants of every kind to cater to tourists


Flowers out of the blue


The stores are houses converted into shops. Some people still live there as evidenced by clothes hung outside.


This is a Durianything store. I was hoping to try their macarons but weren’t available that day. The shop next to it is a nitrogen ice cream bar but either it has closed down or hasn’t opened that day.

My sister recommended we go to Kommune for lunch. Lucky we went early because the place filled up pretty quickly. The service was great and the servers were friendly. Although when we passed by again (around 2pm), a couple of foreigners were pissed about late orders (They were speaking in fluent mandarin!).


We sat outside and enjoyed people watching (and eavesdropping).


Family deciding what to get.


Our order! Mama’s Lasagna set which came with mushroom soup or salad. We chose the soup and it came in this pretty thermos.


Huge order for me and Little A


I miss the cheesy lasagna!IMG_5234

Before we went home, a quick stop at a tea house for milk tea with pearls was needed!

I have one regret though. I didn’t buy several animal hand puppets I thought were cute! I was haggling with the lady and I thought walking away would be a good strategy. I would go back for them if I could!

Tian Zi Fang is at Taikang Road, Luwan District