Apple and Persimmon Fruit Picking at Yamanashi


Autumn is so much fun! I love how the leaves turn yellow, orange and red. I love how chestnut, sweet potatoes and pumpkin flavors are incorporated in savory and sweet food alike. The weather is also perfect to go out and explore!

DrG found an amazing place in Yamanashi where we could enjoy and experience the rural life this season.


i could sit in this Japanese garden and stare at this all day

But, we had farming (and eating) activities to go through!


Sage the Farmer Volunteer cutting the top portion of persimmons

IMG_9727Peeling the Persimmons


Hanging to dry

IMG_9737All dried up for us to eat! These can be eaten hot or cold. I prefer the heated dried persimmons. It looks all yucky and gross, doesn’t it? But I was told it tastes better than it looks so I bravely ate one and forgot my qualms. They are yummy and sweet. The drying process allows the astringent taste to disappear.


Freshly picked persimmonsIMG_9927

Little A trying out fresh (crunchy) persimmons


We also got to visit the apple orchard and tried some spectacular fuji apples and pears.IMG_9853

So sweet and juicy!IMG_9865

How many can you eat at a single sitting? We were sooooo full!


But, still had lunch at this popular town restaurant that serves really good tofu and Hoto ほうとう– a popular Yamanashi dish of hand made noodles with vegetables and miso soup


You can see the beautiful Fujisan just off the road.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the quiet place. By dinner, we were served this incredible *simple* Japanese dinner (same restaurant though).


Again, handmade tofu was the highlight of the meal.


Tofu with fresh wasabi on top


Daikon (radish) for the tempura


Pickled Daikon


Stewed Daikon with beef


Seaweed and Daikon (refreshing!)


Tofu with soup




Our table looked like this when everything was served. Tofu salad for sharing!

The best part of the trip (apart from all the eating we did) was the *free* tour guide and stories shared by Kazu-san. He speaks English fluently which saved DrG the hardwork of translating everything. Kazu-san is a serious guy and very passionate about farming. You’ve got to listen to him talk (and joke)!

He talked about many things including the difference of Japanese farming versus the western processes. He talked about manual cross pollination and what they do to have really big and juicy peaches (our favorite!)

Book his second home for an overnight stay.


Saying goodbye to this beautiful place. May we meet again (maybe in spring!)

Nakagomi Orchard Farm for farm stay and fruit picking