Kyoto with a Toddler (Toei Kyoto Studio Park)

On our third day, we decided to go to Toei Kyoto Studio Park. It is a place where they shoot japanese (Edo) period dramas. It is a fun place to spend an afternoon. You can play dress up (all ages!) and pretend to be ninjas/samurais.

If you noticed, we spend just half a day outside the previous days. I don’t think I could do multiple locations in one day that would involve navigating ourselves plus the regular stuff (like feeding, changing diapers and scheduling naptimes). That’s right! I can’t navigate and do other things! If you can just hear the conversations I’ve had with the hotel receptionists. I specifically ask where I should take the bus, what stops, how many minutes, where to find the next bus.  Directions have to be as specific as possible!

And no, I can’t read maps. Google or otherwise.

So, I was told that I can take the tram to the Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Tram? I didn’t know Kyoto had trams! How fun!

IMG_0953This is the Randen station – Shijo Omiya stop. A 10 minute walk from the hotel.IMG_0954

This tram actually takes you to most of the sites!

Unfortunately, the receptionist forgot to tell me that I could buy a Toei Kyoto Studio Park ticket plus a round trip pass for the randen. I could’ve saved me some 300yen! Teehee!

As a side note though, you can buy an all day pass for the tram and use it to go to different stops. It goes all the way to Arashiyama where you can see the Bamboo Grove, ride the Romance car, go to the zen temple, etc. But, like I said, one location per day.


Insides. Just one coach for the tram.


The Studio is a short walk from the randen station (Uzumasa Koryuji). They play a song that is distinctly edo drama music so you know it’s your stop!IMG_0961

2,200 yen ticket


 We got there close to lunch time so we decided we would eat first before exploring the park.IMG_0966

Themed menu


Is that a famous character?


You can explore and take photos all you want!IMG_0978

We decided to go inside the Trick Art museum (extra fee) but I had fun. Little A was a bit scared!IMG_0994

Giant and dwares


They had shows almost every hour.IMG_1023

In this theater


And outdoors


Street performer of the olden timesIMG_1052

Location shoot preparationIMG_1058



I saw these two guys earlier in the day wearing modern clothes. The next time I saw them, they were wearing these cool costumes.


I asked if they wanted me to take a photo of them in their glorious outfits.IMG_1064

I took several photos using their camera. Then, I asked if I could take one on my camera. They obliged and posed for three!

There are many other attractions and shows in the Studio Park. There are samurai lessons, ninja lessons, behind the scenes talk, ninja shows, haunted house!, a mystery house, costume rental including hair and make up, a theater and multiple museums on wood prints, animes and Japanese super heroes (Voltes V and Shaider!)

The park is stroller friendly! You can even borrow a cart if you didn’t bring one. Baby changing rooms and nursing rooms are also available.IMG_1080

It was a very interesting afternoon for Little A and I. I just wish DrG was there with us! We probably would have much more fun.

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