Lola Cafe + Bar, Tomas Morato

I am always grateful when family and friends take time out of their busy lives to meet with me whilst I’m on vacation.


They almost always ask where I want to go eat knowing I love to try out new places. Often times though, I add a crazy condition that the restaurant be near me (regardless of where they come from! Sorry!) You see, I find it very difficult to go to far places with a toddler in tow. They understand because they love me.

This time, we ate at Lola cafe. A small restaurant converted from an old two storey house. If I am not mistaken, this restaurant was used as a set for the movie The Gifted –a Filipino film starring Anne Curtis. What!? You can leave the Philippines but still be jologs sometimes–not that there’s anything wrong with that ☺


We tried different mocktails which were quite popular according to the servers.


We ordered their pesto fries while waiting for the rest to arrive. It’s actually good except fries with sauces almost always become soggy quite quickly. So better to chow down as fast as you can.image

Baked Dory with parmesan crust on top– which was really good we had to order another one for the late comers.image

Binagoongan Beef — quite tender and tasty. Best with rice! Lots of rice!image

Beef Kare-kare. Next 3 photos by W because Little A fell asleep and I couldn’t reach the dish. The sauce was really rich! Best with rice. Lots of rice! Do you see a pattern here? image

Not a fan of mussels so I didn’t try this at all. But looks plenty for 220 a pot.image

Chicken which I didn’t get to try, too! I spent the time chatting and skipped dishes that were too far from my side of the table!

The food is not spectacular but the ambience is homey and familiar. Try it out for yourself! 🙂 And when you go, can you please ask the waiters about The Gifted? 🙂

Sct. Lozano St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines
+63 917 817 6045