Gyukatsu Motomura

I’ve seen drool-worthy instragram posts on gyukatsu but the 45 minute waiting time just doesn’t appeal to me. Also, the beef is fried for less than a minute so it’s not suitable for the little girl.

However, when I met up with Kim and her husband on my own (gasp! Without Little A! ), we ended up eating at Gyukatsu Motomura 牛かつもと村。We were in line for 1.5 hours though but we made do and caught up with stories while in line.


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Dessert Stop: Qu’il Fait Bon

Sari-Sari Stories

Watching tv one lazy day, I saw a pie place in Ginza being featured in the show. I didn’t catch the name though so I tried to google for pie places. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the one being featured. But, I found Qu’il Fait Bon which is apparently quite famous for its fruit tarts.


Lovely store front!

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Dessert Stop: A Tes Souhaits

Sari-Sari Stories

On my free time, I search the world (wide web) for dessert places. I daydream about the cakes and pastries because… dreams don’t have calories.

A Tes Souhaits has been rated number 1 patisserie in Tokyo so when Jin of Jinlovestoeat came, we decided to go on an adventure and find our way to this little shop in Suginami.

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Toshimaen Theme Park

Sari-Sari Stories

I’ve always been curious about this place. I’ve passed by numerous times on our way to Toys R Us. Toshimaen is popular specially during hanami season since they have lots of cherry trees. During the Christmas season, lots of young lovers go there for a date because they display tons of tealights. They call it Christmas Illumination; and just a note, Christmas isn’t religion-based here– it’s celebrated like they celebrate Halloween or Valentine’s.image

We finally set a day to go!


You can choose different types of tickets. They have option for Ride all you want ticket, Ride all the kiddie rides ticket, and park entrance ticket. All tickets have adults and children (3 years old and above) rates. Kids under 3 enter and ride free.  Since we weren’t sure if Little A would ride anything, we opted for the park entrance tickets. Note that some attractions aren’t part of the buffet…

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