Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

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It might not be obvious to you, dear reader. So let me say it out loud…I love sweets–cakes, pies, ice cream and all sorts pastries. You might also not know that I used to be a cake decorator. My sisters and I ran a small baking and decorating cake operations. Ever since I came to Japan though, I haven’t had the opportunity to decorate cakes anymore. (My sister still does <shameless plug>).

Oh, how I miss it! Once in a while though, I’d surf Le Cordon Bleu’s site to daydream (‘coz free!) about attending their patisserie course. Just a few months of intense baking and learning from the best chefs!

One time though, I saw a posting for a Master Class to learn from Frédéric Madelaine. I actually thought we were going to learn how to make madelaines when I signed up! They don’t announce what you will learn until the class itself…

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