Eggs ‘n Things

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After a long day running after Little A, we went to Eggs ‘n Things for dinner. It was just 5pm but it was dark and more importantly, we were hungry!

You don’t have to go to Enoshima for Eggs ‘n Things coz they have many branches in Japan (and Hawaii!). This branch though didn’t require a 45 minute wait for pancakes and breakfast fare. Thumbs up!


They have outdoor seating but it’s winter and they’re on the seaside so…….inside we stayed!


The serving was huge! Actually the server told us we ordered too much ? but we thought she was just underestimating our hunger.


This is a side dish acai bowl. It’s cereal topped with frozen acai berries and then further topped with bananas, pineapple, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and mangoes! It was surprisingly good but how can you go wrong with fresh fruits.


These pancakes were so fluffy and…

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Kamakura Day Trip

Sari-Sari Stories

I’m sure you’ve seen this image before:

It’s a gigantic bronze Buddha statue in Kamakura (Hase station). It weighs 93 tons but it’s hollow and you can actually pay 20 yen to go inside. Rudyard Kipling wrote several verses of this daibutsu. The temple is rather small though so we only spent half an hour here and decided to go some where else.


The surrounding area has a lot to offer. More temples, little shops and restaurants. But since Enoshima was a train ride away, we decided to go there instead.


Enoshima has a little island you could explore for a day or two! You can even see Mount Fuji on clear day.

IMG_6691.JPG was not a clear day

You can climb up the mountain to the temple and find this:


A love lock fence.  You can also ring the bell for eternal love ❤

It’s nice to visit in Autumn and see…

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