New Clothes for Vintage Barbies

When we last visited Manila, Little A inherited two vintage (aka old) barbies from her aunts. These came with clothes, tons of shoes and a suitcase. The clothes are faded, the hair is frizzy, but still, Little A plays with the dolls. 

I read somewhere that conditioner works wonders.  We tried it. Little A squirts half the tube, tried to weave her fingers between the tangled golden hair, washed the greasy substance off while spraying water all over barbie (and us). We use a small towel and wrapped their hair so water doesn’t drip down the floor. She squeezed the towel. Squeeze and squeezed some more. The hair, now less tangled but very shiny. Oh well. We can still sing “flower blooms” while pretending to comb the blonde mane.

The clothes are a different story. Barbie clothes are so short and tight. It’s really hard to put them on (it’s my job so I know what I’m talking about). But the cheap mama doesn’t want to buy new barbie clothes that are just as tight. With virtually no sewing and designing skills, I set out to make new clothes for the dolls. 

I took some  scrap fabric and fabric glue and started working. 

My first experiment was a short skirt so in case I fail, I’d still have some fabric left to work on.

I made pattern out of paper to check if I got the dimensions correctly. Cut out the fabric then glued the edges so it won’t fray. Then, I placed velcro strips to fasten the clothes.

Not clean but these are prototypes (wink)


There we go. A new outfit but still short and tight. :/

With newfound confidence, I present the two new outfits I made. 

And as a happy coincidence, the back of the star dress can be another outfit!

The glue.

The fabric glue isn’t permanent and could be washed off. As far as I know, it’s a temporary solution to sewing issues. So I guess unless I learn to sew, these new clothes won’t get washed. 

I had to do these by trial and error. Maybe I should’ve searched for patterns online or read up on doll dress making. I’m sure there’dbe something   that would’ve made it easier. If you have any tips, please feel free to leave a comment.


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