Hooked on J-dramas

Read about my new pastime! Any jdrama recommendations? Comment below! Would love to know what you like

Sari-Sari Stories

Under the pretense of learning Nihongo, i have been binging on J-dramas. I thought it’d be fun to have a Japanese counterpart to Odessa’s Hook on Hallyu post.

4257_mischievouskissloveintokyo_nowplay_small_1Itazura Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo 1&2

The series is about a persistent girl, Kotoko (acts a lot like Yaya Dub), who declares her love for Naoki Irie. After a series of unfortunate events, (ehem spoiler alert) she ends up marrying him. Naoki is supposed to portray a cool handsome genius who is a bit aloof and unfeeling, almost condescendingly so. Acting wise, he played the aloofness part pretty well which left me wondering why Kotoko was so in love with him. The handsome part, errrr, I’m probably not the target market (aka too old for this na?!). The actor was also in another series “Rich Man, Poor Woman” and he played a fun, loud student .

Season two felt like it was…

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