Kodomo no Kuni

Kodomo no kuni is literally Child’s World. It an expanse of open space and play area for children to explore.

We visited the mini zoo where we saw sheep and cows. Little A was cranky and didn’t want to look at them.


But, the horses! She loved.

We decided to eat because it was just too hot. We brought bento from origin. There aren’t much to choose from inside the park, so best to bring food with you if you can.

Afterwards, it was time for water play!


The larger water areas have bigger, rougher kids playing. We stayed in the gentle parts where there were fewer kids.


Kuya H playing with his water gun

There are a lot more things you can do like ride the bus train or go karting. There are also a barbeque area, water bottle launcher, and flea market.

When the kids woke up from their naps, they checked out the slides until they were ready to try them out. Little A slid from the top! Whoppeee!

Twas a good day save for the scorching sun! Go on a cloudy day!

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