Kyoto with a Toddler (Gion and Nishiki Market)

I knew I was going to be touring Kyoto with just Little A so I listed down all the places we wanted to visit and divided it to a workable schedule that included late mornings, nap times mid day and snack times throughout the day.


We took the bus to Gion on the first day in Kyoto. Most of the shops are hidden away in old Japan facades but don’t be surprised when you see modern interiors.


Gion by Day


Gion by Night

Huge difference, yes? We did a quick walk through since we already ate. 20150308_183836But, it didn’t stop us from buying these ultra pretty sweets from Gion Sakai. Of course, we chose the shu cream (blog name!) because that’s my favorite.

You will also find the beautiful 1400 year old Gion Shrine at the end of the road.


There are many flights of stairs, though. Little A and I just ended up looking from below.


There are some stalls selling various food stuff after the first flight of stairs leading to the shrine.

IMG_0959Pancake Wraps



Nishiki Market

About 10 minutes from the hotel, we spent the following drizzling afternoon at Nishiki Market.

20150309_123940There weren’t a lot of people (maybe due to rain) so Little A and I leisurely walked the alleyway. There were countless of shops and restaurants!


Not so crowded (really, I’ve seen Nishiki on a crowded day) NishikiIMG_0794The alleyway.

Fruit standIMG_0800

Fresh fishIMG_1007

Red orange carrots!IMG_0799

All sorts of fish stick goodnessIMG_0798

Flower ShopIMG_0795

Trinket shopIMG_0806Famous knife store

After a while though, Little A got a little sleepy (naptime!) so I had to carry her again. Instead of walking back to the hotel, we explored the other street where there were more shops and eats.


The end of Nishiki


Lord Stow’s Egg Tart

After a quick rest, we headed back to the hotel. First day done!