Osaka’s Universal Studio Japan

Hooray! USJ time! It was raining but stopped when we left the apartment. IMG_1405

The magic is here! (Oops, wrong theme park! This isn’t Enchanted Kingdom)IMG_1407

So, we were able to buy tickets and enter USJ at 11am. There weren’t any express passes anymore. We weren’t planning to purchase them, but, just so you know, they were sold out by this time.

Our first order of the day was to look for the ticketing area where they give out passes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. These are free but timed passes to enter the gates of HP. By the time we were there, there were only 3 schedules left. My sister told me when they went to USJ, they weren’t able to get tickets anymore.

After securing the passes, we listened to the band singing and dancing on stage. They were playing Taylor Swift songs, Shake It Off and Blank Space– the same songs we played the night before for Little A.


Then, we decided to look for a place to have lunch. Funny story– I really don’t have a good sense of direction! We were looking for the Studio Stars Restaurant. DrG and Little A were behind me. I entered the restaurant. Scored a round table for the three of us. DrG went to line up to buy food. I look around and saw people were just eating sandwiches there. I thought this place served a popular roasted chicken dish. Then, I realized it was the wrong restaurant! We were in the Boulangerie! Ugggh!  I went to DrG and he said he thought I changed my mind about Studio Stars. Hahaha! So off we went to go to the correct one.

With the bellies happy, we went to Universal Wonderland.


Hello, Kitty!


Carousel fun! Little A was afraid at first but got some courage after a few minutes. Bravery was short lived though as the carousel started to turn. We just have to try and try again!


View from the (carousel) high horse


Elmo and Cookie dancing


The Delorean

I wish the Back to the Future section was a lot bigger than this (one ride). The city square would’ve made a good theme park section, don’t you think? DrG said maybe because the movie isn’t as popular as I thought. Are there no BTTF fans in Japan?


Mr. Walt (oops, wrong theme park again!) This is probably someone important

Little A was asleep; we were full; we already took photos (Jaws, Spiderman, etc). We were just killing time walking around the park waiting for….


Harry Potter! Could hardly contain my excitement!


Welcome to Hogsmeade Village


All aboard the Hogwarts Express

But, didn’t see the platform in Kingcross anywhere! Maybe because we were already in Hogwarts?!

At the back of this area, people line up to have their photos taken (3000plus yen per!) on the train coach.


It looks amazing! Just like in the movies/books/my mind!

There were long lines everywhere. So we decided to eat first at the Three Broomsticks.



The great feast looks good! But seems to be too much for just the three of us!


Three BroomsticksIMG_1544

We had to try the butterbeer of course! It tasted like the butterball candy and cream soda. The cold version tasted better than the warm one. I wish they served a frozen one, as well. I imagine that would taste even yummier! IMG_1545

Ribs and Corn


Baby Mandrakes


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


A better view of the castle from this side of the Black Lake


The Ride. 120 minutes wait if you don’t have express pass.


We took the Castle Tour instead. 50 points to Ravenclaw!


The password is Sherbet Lemon

You’ll be entering Dumbeldore’s office. Check out his pensieve, too!

IMG_1576Some of these are moving portraits!


Dumbledore shows up


His office window


The trio in a classroom

 IMG_1590 IMG_1593 IMG_1595 IMG_1597

Souvenirs. The time turner is ❤

IMG_1599Even though we didn’t get to ride the main attraction, I was quite happy strolling along Hogsmeade Village. Hogwart’s choir also sang some songs a cappella (Can You Dance Like a Hippogriff?)

Don’t forget to check out the toilets to visit Moaning Myrtle!

Drop by Ollivander’s, too! You might be the lucky wizard/Muggle. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard.

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