More PhEats

There were more food that came! Here are some snippets…


Masuki’s Original Mami. An old family favorite even if the place is old and stinky!


Carmen’s Best Ice cream. Very popular nowadays but it is hard to beat the Hokkaido ice cream here in Japan.


Fruits like mangoes and sineguelas! Cannot find them here!


Bananaque! Sweet and sweet! I have missed this fried saba goodness!


Dimsum breakfasts at King Chef and Causeway Bay (pictured)


Make your own pizza at Project Pie


Bizu’s cakes. Oh Japan, you’ve ruined me!


Brown butter’s black sesame with mango cake. Worth the trouble and calories…


Aristocrat’s palabok is still good


And so is their boneless chicken barbeque


I’ll just add this Flying Saucer to the list. Yummy! It is really simple to make but they do it well!


Oedo’s chirashi. Sad! And expensive!


Cafe Shibuya’s Ferrero Toast 🙂


Bibingka at Pamana, Tagaytay. Really good Filipino food!


Hotpot Buffet at 4 Seasons!

Sisig at Abe
As usual, the vacation flew quickly by. Truly enjoyed the time spent with family and friends. Until next time! 🙂


Breakfast and Pies

Sometimes, we wake up early enough to have breakfast outside.


I like this place because they serve comfy foods. Reminds me of lazy Sunday breakfasts when we were young– everyday can be lazy Sundays mornings!


Galette with 3 kinds of sausages


Crack pie!


Omelette with sausages


Homemade corned beef on fried rice with eggs


Hot chocolate for me.

It’s good if you’re near Teacher’s Village. If you have to travel far and wide to get there, I suggest you find other breakfast places in the metro. They’re a-plenty!

Xin Tian Di

Little A’s amah celebrated her birthday in April. We weren’t around yet so we had a post birthday celebration at Xin Tian Di.


It’s located at Crown Plaza in Ortigas. Banco de Oro is running a promotion for 50% on your bill. Conditions apply.


Hot prawn salad in a bowl of fried noodles. One of my favorite dishes


Tri-Combination of appetizers. Jellyfish, chicken gelatine and peking duck wraps


Steamed fish which was really sweet and fresh


Their famous pork dish which I can’t even remember what it tasted like.


Yangchow! Don’t waste calories on plain rice 🙂

I’m not sure if the grandparents enjoyed the meal. We had plenty of leftovers. I was happy with the prawns and peking duck though.

The promo runs til June 30. It’s not so bad if you’re hankering for some good chinese food. The 50% makes it worth your while.


Greeka Kouzina, Quezon City

One other restaurant we kept going back to was Greeka Kouzina.

Gigantic lighting fixture in Greek inspired pottery wallpaper

imageI equate Greek food to family style dishes– meaning everyone should share their food!  Expect the dishes to be huge!


Melitzanosalata–Grilled Eggplant with pita bread. I love how creamy it was!


Arugula Pasta with sundried tomatoes topped with feta cheese. They have lots of pasta dishes to try!


Lamb Gyros– Inside the pita bread wrap, you will find tomatoes, your choice of meat, lettuce, arugula and onions. Again, topped with feta cheese!


Lamb Shouldersimage

Keftedes–lamb meatballsimage

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Salad–really good, too!image

Krasates– grilled porkchops topped with blue cheese, walnut, and gravy  image

Greek Caesar salad with chicken — ignore the irony, this dish is worth the visit!

I like how Greeka Kouzina is confident to open stand alone restaurants (versus inside the mall). Since it is near our home, I find it convenient enough to frequent! The dishes are huge and they’re relatively inexpensive. They open at 11:30am though which is a bit later than I prefer. People (me) get hungry earlier sometimes, you know. Please open at 11am! 🙂

02 2191023
+63 9178321262
TCC Building,
190 D. Tuazon Street,
Sta Mesa Hights, Quezon City

Sincerity, San Juan

The restaurant posts in the coming days are not chronological…mainly because I can’t  remember which came first or next.

When DrG was in Manila with us, we ate at this obscure little  restaurant called WuXiang House of Chicken aka the Little Baguio branch of Sincerity.

The restaurant seats maybe 16 people at a time. Many come for “take outs”. What do they order?


These fried babies! Which are so amazingly good!


Oyster cake. It’s like an omelette with oysters but 10 times better.


Lomi because someone likes lomi.


Fish because someone likes fish. I would’ve been happy with just the fried chicken above. 1 order just for meeeee!


Yangchow because *I* like yangchow 🙂

Go for the chicken and rice. Parking is a bit hellish though so goodluck!

213-A Ibanez St. cor. J Abad Santos
Little Baguio, San Juan
722.5438 / 727.1390


The weeks that we were back in Manila, we ate at Torch thrice! No, Manila hasn’t ran out of good restaurants. It was just because Torch was (1) good and (2) conveniently located (in Quezon City although they have several other branches).

The first time we ate, we were in U.P Town Center. The complex has lots of other restaurants but most of them were full and had indefinite waiting times. When we were in front of Torch, the hostess told us they’ll be clearing out a table soon and without any prompting, said they will try to relocate a group (thank you to the group who graciously agreed) so that they could seat 8 of us together.

We were very hungry already but luckily, I was able to get some snapshots of the food we ordered.

Okay, I was really hungry by the time we were seated so I asked for cake! They recommended the creme brulee cake which was newly delivered. Yummmmmm! I devoured this in minutes!

This was their rather plain salmon roll and cream cheese. You can skip this! But, look at the very cute wasabi.

Smiling couple

This was a much better option! Volcano Roll. Baked sushi with shrimp tempura, egg, and cucumber.

I always try to order a small bowl of soup for Little A in case she doesn’t feel like trying the other dishes. This clam chowder she loved!

Their gambas pizza is a must-order. The crust is flaky and thin.

The shrimps are sautéed in Chipotle, garlic, and olive oil.

You can order two flavored pizzas. This one is half margherita and half gambas.
Watch put for those tiny chili seeds!

Salpicao medalion on a hot plate. Angus beef wrapped with bacon. Bacon! Enough said.
It was so good we ordered it again.

And again when i went back to Torch in Trinoma. I met with my Tokyo friend who came back to Manila for good and we decided to eat at Torch, as well. The third time we went back with my sister who arrived from China! With more people eating, we got to order a whole lot of other things

Truffle fries!

Sorry looking buffalo asian chicken wings.image
Caesar salad with chicken. Really good and filling!
Caesar salad without!
I missed eating bangus! This one is coated and deep fried. Served with egg and garlic rice.

Fire roasted bone in pork chop with barbeque glaze


Little A got to try the mushroom bisque too but it was too salty the second time I ordered it. They quickly changed it though!

They also gave her balloons twice. The first time, after eating. The other time, before eating. I much prefer getting the balloon afterwards because she’d just want to play the whole time.

Overall, good (fast) food and (fast) service!

Trinoma, 2nd level. Tel 7304102
UP Town Center, ground level.

Little A Celebrated Her Birthday with “A” Party

It is always fun to celebrate birthdays!  Where I come from, kids’ birthday parties are as much a big business as weddings. Event venues, party planners, cake and dessert makers, entertainers, photographers and videographers are booked six months in advance.  The best locations and professionals are fully booked early so some eager moms reserve and pay in advance as soon as the baby pops out! Talk about pressure!

_DSC8963 web

We veered away from a huge party as this was a destination party (for us anyway, since we needed to travel back). We decided to hold the celebration at my favorite restaurant which is warm and cozy (fits only 50 people).

Uno is a small family restaurant that serves great comfort food– the type that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling inside your tummy. Also, they have super delicious bread and pastries. Nicest people to work with, too!

_DSC8962 web

We DIY-ed almost everything! The caricature and invitation were made by my artist friend Wendy.


Thanks to family and friends who helped, we put up some banners and balloons to liven up the place.

 _DSC9019 web

Quintbelles provided the desserts and set up. We served brownies, matcha cheesecake and plain cheesecake, calamansi cupcakes and vanilla cream cupcakes, and rice crispy treats!


Cupcake Toppers were printed, cut into circles and taped to a pick with washi tape.


Labels were printed, cut and folded to look like so:



Dessert plates were from 100yen shop and spoons were washi-fied with polka dot tapes.


Gifts were wrapped in kraft paper and a “thAnk you” note attached!


It was fun planning and doing the decors…try this for your next party 🙂

<Cake and Dessert Table>

New contact number: 0917-5032329.
Mobile landline: 02-2176584
Email at
<Food and Venue>
UNO Restaurant
195 Scout Fuentebella, Tomas Morato, QC
First 2 photos are his. Great guy!
*The rest are my own personal shots.