TianZiFang Day

We had a day to ourselves so my sister told us we might enjoy Tianzifang. We explored the little alleyways and had fun!


 There were many stores selling photographs, arts, souvenirs, clothes and little knick knacks.


Pots and ceramics


Cheongsams and accessories


Shanghai lady cosmetics and soaps


Art Galleries


restaurants of every kind to cater to tourists


Flowers out of the blue


The stores are houses converted into shops. Some people still live there as evidenced by clothes hung outside.


This is a Durianything store. I was hoping to try their macarons but weren’t available that day. The shop next to it is a nitrogen ice cream bar but either it has closed down or hasn’t opened that day.

My sister recommended we go to Kommune for lunch. Lucky we went early because the place filled up pretty quickly. The service was great and the servers were friendly. Although when we passed by again (around 2pm), a couple of foreigners were pissed about late orders (They were speaking in fluent mandarin!).


We sat outside and enjoyed people watching (and eavesdropping).


Family deciding what to get.


Our order! Mama’s Lasagna set which came with mushroom soup or salad. We chose the soup and it came in this pretty thermos.


Huge order for me and Little A


I miss the cheesy lasagna!IMG_5234

Before we went home, a quick stop at a tea house for milk tea with pearls was needed!

I have one regret though. I didn’t buy several animal hand puppets I thought were cute! I was haggling with the lady and I thought walking away would be a good strategy. I would go back for them if I could!

Tian Zi Fang is at Taikang Road, Luwan District


Estado Puro at Xintiandi

We were looking for Old Jesse at Xintiandi but since it has since closed, we chose a tapas restaurant called Estado Puro to have a quick lunch. Quick lunch is actually just code word for let’s stuff ourselves silly.

IMG_5092 First tapas was this jamon with bread and bruschetta. Yummy but their jamon blade needs a bit of sharpening (or someone else to slice them!)

IMG_5096Mashed potatoes topped with caviar and sour cream and chives. Nice presentation!

IMG_5099I like that it is cubed! I’m shallow this way.

IMG_5103Foie gras terrine with red wine reduction on top! Just two pieces though so quite expensive for the price. But my gosh, I could eat ten of these.


Because it deserves a close up.

IMG_5097Garlic Prawns swimming in chili oil. The oil was soooo good that we decided to order more bread and soak them in the chili goodness. I salivate just thinking about this!


Suckling pig with pumpkin puree. I was expecting a very crunchy skin but got disappointed. The pumpkin puree was just a weird pairing.

We walked in during lunch time–there were only a handful of tourists (like us!) and some locals from nearby offices. Maybe this Paco Roncero restaurant is more popular at nights.

Unit 3, 1F, Bldg 22, North Plaza, 181 Taicang Lu

(near Huangpi Nan Lu)太仓路181弄新天地北里22号楼1层03单元(近黄陂南路)

Tel: 6385-8001

Bacco Italian Restaurant

Bund. The Bund. Of course, we had to go see the spectacular lights, right?

However, we also had to eat. What perfect timing, it was Restaurant Week in Shanghai!


My loving sister reserved seats for Bacco, an Italian Restaurant just across the Bund.


Pretty, yes?  我爱上海.

The promotion includes appetizers, pasta, an entree and dessert plus a drink of your choice.

For appetizers, we had:


Pan fried Salmon Salad with Spa Egg and Mango Foam


Classic Veil with Tuna Dip

From here on out, it was difficult to take photos as the place was dark and I couldn’t take better photos.

For Pasta dish


Homemade Pasta with Porcini Mushroom and Mascapone Sauce

The Entree


Slow Roasted Beef Ribs with Red Wine Sauce, Grilled Asparagus and Mashed Pumpkin. Dark photo but really tender and flavorful. I wish it was a bit bigger though!


Steamed Halibut Fish with Spicy Scallop sauce, Spinach Cake and Crispy Salami


Chocolate Sorbet with Coconut Spirits

 It was a really nice experience. Can it always be restaurant year?


Funny story. We were feeling a bit hot so we told the waitstaff expecting him to maybe check the air conditioner temperature. He kindly opened the window for us. Luckily, there was a breeze outside so, there. Problem solved.

374-376 Dagu Lu,
near Chengdu Bei Lu

Tel 6340 1386

Lei Garden 利苑

When the parents visited Shanghai, they had wanted to try this Cantonese restaurant but Lei Garden required advance reservations. This time, my sister planned ahead and booked us a table. Expectations were high.

IMG_5189Beautiful frontage, yes?  They have private rooms, too!

This restaurant is located in IAPM where other big brands are housed as well. Din Tai Fung, Lao Ji Shi, etc.

IMG_5202Modern Interiors

IMG_5191Art Installation up front. You like it? I, on the other hand, find it a tad weird. Lighting didn’t help.

IMG_5196Couldn’t figure out the two sets of chopsticks. At first, I thought one was a service set — for getting food or giving food to someone else. However, other people were just using one set for all purposes. I guess this is so you stop asking for extra chopsticks. Here you go, two sets. I hope it is enough to last you the whole meal. Don’t ask for another one. Jeez! Hehe!

IMG_5187 Spied this from our neighbor’s table. I thought it was cute! Watermelon shake decorated to look like watermelon! Can you see it?


Fried Tofu with Eggwhite Sauce IMG_5181

Fried and Perfectly Flat (Not the official name)IMG_5182

Saw this on another neighbor’s table. Yes, I look around a lot. Mainly asparagus and mushroom but decorated with a pretty nest of egg noodles.IMG_5184Salted fish and minced meat.IMG_5185Fried fish in sweet and sour sauceIMG_5180CharsiewIMG_5186A claypot filled with rice and sausage. Reminds me of home!IMG_5198 Here, the lady is expertly mixing the contents so each scoop will have a good rice and sausage ratio.

The food is great– very typical Cantonese fare. However, for a Michelin starred restaurant, I was expecting more.  When you sneeze, at least pretend to wipe your hand before you handle our food (not the lady shown here). Or, when asked what you could recommend, don’t just lazily point to the day’s menu. Good service makes a whole lot of difference. As a side story: when we went to Muji (a Japanese chain) after dinner, I was surprised that they handed back the credit card with two hands!

Dimsum available on weekends

淮海中路999号环贸广场  L4 -L4/IAPM, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Call to reserve (86-21) 5425 2283

Lao Ji Shi (Old Jesse, 老吉士)

We eventually did get to Shanghai restaurants!


Lao Ji Shi was on my list of places to try but the first branch we went to was closed. Luckily, we were able to reserve a table in the swanky IAPM.


Glutinous rice stuffed in dates. Delicious!


Really good and cholesterol laden dish. Crab roe with buns! We wiped the bowl clean!


Ugly looking but tender beef brisket in pepper sauce.


Salted duck which is a popular way to cook meats in Shanghai


Braised Pork in Sweet Sauce. Another popular Shanghai cuisine.


Vegetable Rice because you have to have greens!

Overall, a satisfying meal but my tongue is a bit overwhelmed with sweetness and saltiness of every dish. Not the fault of the restaurant though; I was told that Shanghai cuisine really uses sugar and salt (and or soy sauce) like there’s no tomorrow. My sister said everything tasted great for her 🙂

This brand has spawned several other restaurants with the same Jesse name.

IAPM Mall, L302, 3/F, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu
淮海中路999号3楼, 近陕西南路

Phone 6422 9091

Brunch #2 at Public

We scheduled another brunch, this time, at the Public Food and Drinks. It serves American breakfast/brunch and is an awarded gastropub at nights.

This time there were three of us (and a baby) so we ordered just enough for five– kidding!


The raspberry tea smells divine but unfortunately, it doesn’t taste as heavenly.


Farmhouse Omelette with ham, cheese and mushroom. Potatoes on the side. This dish was just okay. Not spectacular.


Truffle oil fries. Really good. Worth the 5 pounds you gain when you polish this off!IMG_5142 Chicken and Waffles. Really good 3 piece fried chicken. The fried batter was thick and crispy and the insides were tender and hot. We ate the waffle slathered with their homemade blueberry sauce. Huge order, definitely for sharing.

IMG_5144The only photo I have of this pastrami sandwich. I have had better pastramis in the past. But passable if you miss having pastrami sandwich. Sweet potatoes on the side which was a surprise!

Go for the chicken and ambiance!  The service was friendly, too!

Second Floor, 174 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu, Xuhui district
徐汇区襄阳南路174号2楼, 近复兴中路 Call to reserve 6417 1679


Brunch at Green and Safe

You’d think we’d be eating dimsum everyday in Shanghai, but our first stop was at this organic restaurant at the French Concession area (Dongping Lu) called Green and Safe.


The first floor has loads of organic vegetables, grains, chocolates. Breads, cookies and pastries of different sorts. And a chocolate arena featuring an Austrian brand (don’t remember which!)

IMG_5038IMG_5042 IMG_5040IMG_5039

Next to it is a cafeteria-like setting where they serve pastas, cheeses, sandwiches and salads. They were also selling my new favorite coconut juice(Real Coco made in the Philippines)


We headed to the Green Kitchen at the second floor, for their brunch offerings which apparently is a big hit with Shanghainese and foreigners alike– families and friends sharing meals; couples dating (so early in the day!)


And because I like the lighting fixtures…


We ordered loads; there were just two of us plus a little sleeping baby. Don’t judge 🙂

IMG_5028Homemade Bagel with Organic Smoked Salmon and Avocado

IMG_5027Egg Benedict with Bacon

IMG_5034Banana Walnut French Toast

IMG_5033Burger with Mushroom in Sesame Bun


IMG_5030We thought brunch meant ordering one breakfast and one lunch each. Hahahahahaburp!

IMG_5036They offer a wide range of juices, too! We tried the green veggie smoothie and a beet juice. The latter was harder to like 🙂 They have coffee too!

6 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu, Xuhui district, Shanghai

徐汇区东平路6号, 近衡山路

Call to reserve 5465 1288